Wounded Airman Program

The Wounded Airman Program (WAP) works in partnership with the Air Force Wounded Warrior (AFW2) program to provide mmuch needed support to wounded Airmen. The WAP provides direct support to wounded Airmen through your donations. With 100% of these donations designated to the Wounded Airman Program, these funds are used in direct support of wounded Airmen. The WAP is operated and administered by the Air Force Association, with overhead fees covered by AFA's general fund.

In 2014 the WAP provided over $133,000 in direct support to wounded Airmen. As the program continues to grow, so will the amount of direct support we are able to give to the men and women in need. Interested in supporting the Wounded Airman Program? Here is what your support would go to:

- lifestyle and accessibility items
- adapted equipment
- financial aid
- caregiver support 
- on-site support at Adaptive Sports Camps
- on-site support at Warrior Games

To donate to the Wounded Airman Program, click DONATE and select “Wounded Airmen”


Paula Roy, Director of Airmen and Family Programs, addresses wounded Airmen in Colorado Springs.

WAP History

The Wounded Airman Program was brought forward in 2011 when General Phil Breedlove, then Vice Chief of Staff of the Air Force, was visiting an Airman at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center. The Airman was rooming with service members from different branches and General Breedlove recognized the Airman was not receiving the same level of support from the Air Force as the other service members were receiving from their respective branches. 

The Air Force Association (AFA) was asked to take the lead in raising awareness and support for wounded Airman within the Air Force community. AFA Chapters from all around the country immediately stepped in to help support through their own funds and relationships with their local medical centers. From there, the program grew to a national level where AFA signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Air Force in 2013 officially establishing the Wounded Airman Program. Today we continue to work with the Air Force Wounded Warrior (AFW2) program by supporting their Adaptive Sports Camps, Warrior Training Camps and the annual Department of Defense Warrior Games, while also providing direct support to wounded Airmen.


The Wounded Airman Program could not operate without the help of its generous volunteers and donors. Thank you!