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Members of the Airman's Society provide a powerful boost to Air Force Memorial programs that support retirement and promotion ceremonies as well as wreath-laying ceremonies on Memorial Day, Veterans Day, and many other days throughout the year. These and other events help educate the public about those individuals whose service and sacrifices reflect the best traditions of the United States Air Force.

By becoming a member, you'll help educate Americans about the human cost required to keep our nation free. You will also play a leading role in ensuring the Sacrifices of our Airmen are never forgotten and that their stories will be passed down from our generation to the next.

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2014 Airman's Society Members

We would like to thank and recognize the many donors who have given to the Air Force Memorial Foundation during 2014!  Through this generous support, the Memorial is able to continue to honor America’s Airmen, preserve heritage, and host a variety of events and programs throughout the year.

To that end, we especially thank our Airman’s Society members; those who contributed a cumulative amount of $200 or more during 2014.  Listed below are the Airman’s Society members for 2014. This list is updated once a year in the Spring.

We have made every effort to ensure the accuracy of the names on this page;  however, should a mistake have been made, we apologize and ask that you let us know so we can correct the data. Please email us at

Thank you!

Airman’s Society $1000+

Mary Best
William Crane
Norman Happel
Jimmy Huff
William Johnston
John Jumper
Lionel Leblanc
Craig and Cheryl McKinley
F Whitten Peters
David Pitts
Michael Smith and Allison Ingram
Victor Tate
Barbara and Joseph Taylor
Peter Teets

Airman’s Society $500- $999

Jay Barker
Gary Barrows
Ralph Carr
Donald Chrissinger
Larry Crawford
John Croul
Andrew Curtis
Carol Dibattiste
Sam Elder
Janette Felger
Bob Funicello

Airman’s Society $200- $499

Calvin Adkins
Anthony Albano
John Albright
Pete Alexandrakos
Burton Allen
Floyd Allen
Robert Andrews
Robert Aquilino
George Armitage
Richard Avery
Roland Ballow
John Barber
Thomas Barlow
Robert Barrow
Earle Bates
Donald Bennett
Thomas Bigwood
Paul Blossom
David Botto
Bryan Bourns
William Breen
D. Brisley
William Bristol
Phil Brown
Roy Browne
J. Brownfield
Richard Bruce
Wilmer Bryan
Richard Bundy
Floyd Burgess
Martin Cameron
D. Carleton
John Carmody
Lynn Carroll
Donald Carter
Evelyn Carter
Thomas Carter
Michael Caruso
Joseph Catanoso
Guy Caviness
Dennis Cavit
Robert Chervek
Chris Christensen
E. Ciotti
Samuel Cirelli
Ralph Clapper
Kenneth Clark
Trudy Clark
Charles Cleveland
J. Coletta
Jack Compton
Hilton Condit
Lyle Corey
Michael Cozort
Kenneth Craib
L. Crawford
Natalie Crawford
George Creighton
Richard Cromley
Lawrence Cross
Antonio Cumuze
Robert Cunningham
Stephen Dalrymple
Alfred D'Amario
Stephen Damer
Carlton Damonte
Howard Davis
James Davis
Col Lewis Dawson
Joan Delaquito
Adamantios Dimopoulos
Fred Dixon
Malcolm Doak
Brian Donchez
Richard Dorwaldt
David Dry
Paul Dunbar
Ralph Eberhart
Kevin Eck
Jarulv Egeland
Harry Elbirn
Frank Eppler
Carl Farmer
John Farrell
Judy Fearn
Eugene Fekety
Susan Finn
Ronald Fogleman
A Robert Fortney
Warren Foss
Lawrence Foster
Dan Freeman
Michael Frketich
Lyle Fry
Thomas Fukawa
Kenneth Garner
Daniel Gates
Andrew Georganna
Fred Gibson
John Gilligan
Gary Glaeser
Joseph Glasser
Levi Goldfarb
John Gonge
Richard Gonzalez
John Gray
David Green
Fred Green
Willie Greene
Edward Gregory


Edward and Marilyn Garland
Owen Greenblatt
Tokio Harada
Rick and Amy Hartle
Richard Hobaugh
Hansford Johnson
Robert Johnson
Dellar Kennedy
Ralph Knight
Delbert Kohrt
Joseph La Tona

Warren Griffith
Morgan Grohol
Richard Guertin
Doris Gustafson
Charles Gutekunst
Larry Hager
John Halsey
Richard Hamilton
Herbert Hamm
William Hanks
Robert Hanson
Robert Harcrow
Donald Harlow
George Hart
Nathan Hartman
Edwin Harvey
Michael Hasaka
Richard Hawley
Donald Hawthorne
Harry Hengel
Harold Henneke
Paulette Herman
Fred Hermanns
Robert Hicks
Betty Hill
Franklin Hill
Jerome Hood
J. Hoopes
John Hooten
Allen Hostetler
James Houston
K. Huffman
Edward Hughes
Elton Humphreys
Calvin Ichinose
Eugene Ignatowski
Larry Ingold
Floyd Isley
Robert Jenkins
Franz and Gail Jobst
Katherine Johnson
Richard Joppru
Edward Josephson
Lamar Kammeyer
Frank Katzler
Erlow Kelley
Edward Kelly
Thomas Kemp
Marvin Kerr
Donald Kester
Robert Kimble
William Knoepfle
Otto Koerber
Philip Koerner
Gerald Koller
Frankie Krause
Jack Kreisher
Larry Krull
Raymond Krupp
Nancy Kunkel
Michael LaBounty
Leonard Lamb
Lois Larson
Randal Leblanc
Robert Lee
Andrew Leong
Marvin Lerfald
George Lester
Michael Lincecum
Terrill Linder
Hugh Linnemann
Carrington Lloyd
Norma Loeser
James Lorentzen
James Lugar
Sally Lynch
Arthur MacFadden
Francis Main
Hans Mark
Maurice Marshall
V. Marshall
Paul Martin
Donald Marx
Louis Mason
Harry Massingill
Frank Mauro
Mary Mayer
Arthur Mcintye
Gerald McMahon
George McNeil
George Miller
James Monahan
Edward Monger
John Moore
Miriam Moore
Quentin Morris
Roy Morris
Richard Moulson
Clinton Mullen
Oswaldo Mullins
J Patrick Naughton
Byron Nelson
James Nelson
Lloyd Newton
Francis Nye
John O'Brien
Clinton Ogrady
Patricia Oles
John Omillian
Richard O'Neal
Francis Ormsbee

Felix McLarney
George and Vicki Muellner
Mark Powers
Jack Price
David Russell
Fred Scott
Dennis Tolver
Mahlon Trout
Thomas Welch
David White
Michael Zettler

Charles Owens
Lawrence Pass
Charles Paul
Earl Peck
Robert Penny
David Perella
Donald Peterson
George Peterson
Robert Pike
Gary Presuhn
Kenneth Pribyla
Joey Price
James Pryde
Phyllis Quandt
Dean Quayle
Frederick Quick
Ralph Ramsey
William Ready
Laramie Reece
Richard Reed
Bill Remsen
John Rice
Charles Richard
Dana Richards
Edwin Rider
Douglas Roberts
Q. Roberts
Nancy Robinson
Michael Salinaz
Gene Salisbury
Carolyne Sample
Albert Scheibly
William H Schell
Victor Schelling
Don Schiemann
Albert Schneider
George Schulstad
Steven Schultz
Richard Seebers
Ennio Senia
R Shackle
John Shahbaz
Rodger Sheffer
David Shelton
William Sherman
Robert Siedle
Ross Simon
Ivan Singleton
Eldon Smith
Janet Smith
W. Smith
Michele Sobel-Rose
Kenneth Sorenson
Lisa Sprague
Robert Springer
Dorothy Standley
Sidney Stayler
Kenneth Stedman
Jerry Stephens
Robert Stephens
David Sterling
Billy Stewart
Joe Strang
Roger Strelow
David Strick
William Summers
Frederick Swanson
Kenneth Sweet
George Sylvester
Raymond Tagge
Roy Tate
A. Taubman
David Teal
Roland Thomas
Howard Thompson
William Tortorich
Arthur Tracey
James Trainor
James Treat
Preston Trimble
Craig Truman
Raymond Urbanski
Scott Van Cleef
Thomas Van Dyke
Orrin Vann
Margarita Vasquez
Gregory Vernon
Frank Vitrano
Barnabas Vorreiter
Joseph Wadsworth
Robert Walker
Thomas Walters
Juanita Walton
Bradford Ward
Louis Webb
Helen Wells
Edward Wexler
James Wheeler
Paul Williams
Vincent Willis
Ann Wilson
Robert Wilson
William Wilson
Charles Winn
Herman Woellhart
Aubrey Woolsey
Michael Wynne
Thomas Yates
Gerald Young
James Young
Eugene Younger
M. Zeine
James Zoellner