Symposium Recordings

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Panel: Growing Partnerships (audio)
Lt Gen Stephen Hoog, Ms. Heidi Grant, Air Commodore Kenneth McCann, Col Anton den Drijver, Air Vice Marshal Graham Lintott, and Col Bernhard Altersberger

Panel: Roles & Missions: Is It Time for Another? (audio)
Gen Merrill McPeak, USAF Ret., Lt Gen David Deptula, USAF Ret., and Mr. Philip Lacombe

Panel: Revolution in Modern Weapons (audio)
Maj Gen Curtis Bedke, USAF Ret., Dr. Mark Lewis, Dr. Christopher Bowie, and Dr. Robert Haffa

Panel: The Future Bomber (audio)
Lt Gen Burton Field and Dr. Rebecca Grant

Air Force Update (audio)
Gen Mark Welsh, Chief of Staff of the Air Force

Enlisted Perspective

Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force James Cody

Preserving the Airpower Advantage (audio)
Gen Frank Gorenc

Panel: Adapting for the Future (audio)
Ms. Mary Jane Mitchell, Mr. Orlando Carvalho, Mr. Scott Donnelly, Ms. Deb Rub, and Mr. Thomas Vice

Friday, February 21, 2014

State of the Force
The Honorable Deborah Lee James

Space and Cyberspace -- Foundational Capabilities for the Joint Warfighter and the Nation (audio)
Gen William Shelton

Panel: MAJCOM Priorities (audio)
Gen Mark Welsh, Gen Robin Rand, Gen Paul Selva, Gen Frank Gorenc, Gen Janet Wolfenbarger, Gen William Shelton, Lt Gen Steven Wilson, Lt Gen Stanley Clarke, and Lt Gen James Jackson

Panel: The Forgotten War (audio)
Dr. Benjamin Lambeth and Lt Gen David Deptula, USAF Ret.