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Aerospace Education Council

Aerospace Education Council

Operating Year 2014 - 2015
Aerospace Education Council 
As of October 1, 2014 

Any corrections, additions, or deletions should be furnished to Jancy Bell, 
1-800-727-3337 ext. 5845, 
Fax: 703-247-5830, E-mail:


Jerry White

Jim Hannam - Vice Chairman
Emilie Boschert
Buck Buckwalter
Dick Bundy
Bob Elder
Ron Garcia
Gina Giles
Susan Mallet
Mike Peters
Rags Ragaller
Lisa Richter
Larry Sagstetter
Chris Talbot
Tim Tichawa
Dave Warner
Kit Workman
Bill Yucuis
Lee Barnby – FC Liaison
Kaci Heins – TOY

Mary Anne Thompson (Senior Advisor)
John McCarthy (AAS)
Christina Aycock (SW)

 Staff Liaison
Chet Curtis -