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Company Grade Officers Council

Company Grade Officers Council

The Company Grade Officers’ Council is comprised of officers from the Air Force’s major commands, operating agencies and direct reporting units. They represent officers in the rank of second lieutenant through captain.

The responsibilities of the Company Grade Officers’ Council are as follows:

  1. Develops Air Force policy recommendations on quality of life and quality of service issues, which impact company grade officers serving in the Air Force. 

  2. Identifies and prioritizes quality of life and quality of service issues, driven by legislative action, which impact company grade officers serving in the Air Force.

  3. Prepares input, to include background information, and recommend action by the Air Force on these issues. 

  4. Makes recommendations to the Air Force through the Air Force Deputy Chief of Staff for Personnel on policy issues which impact Air Force Company Grade Officers. 

  5. Responds to Air Force requests for study, evaluation, and/or recommendation on issues affecting Air Force Company Grade Officers.


Capt Michael Quashne (Chair)
Capt Nicholas Rodriguez
Capt Charles Dorssom
Capt Kaelin Armstrong
Capt Kevin Pond
Capt Nicollette Borgstrom
1st Lt Michael Gibb
Capt Donald Johnson
Capt Stephen Woskov
1Lt Kasidit Chalaopak
1st Lt Christopher Barnes
Capt Randall Shiflett 
Capt April Widman
Capt Nathan Lucero
Capt Erica Tortella
1st Lt Amanda Whalen
Capt Jose Garcia
Capt Mark Watson
Capt Troy Cooper

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As of November 05, 2012