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Veterans/Retiree Council

Veterans/Retiree Council

Veterans/Retiree Council
The Veterans/Retiree Council is comprised of both Air Force veterans and retirees who served on active duty, in the Guard and Reserve, and/or as civilians in the defense establishment. They represent this broad constituency and articulate their issues to the Air Force Association.


The responsibilities of the Veterans/Retiree Council are as follows:

  1. Develops Association policy recommendations on quality of life issues which impact military veterans and retirees at Federal, state, and local levels.
  2. Identifies and prioritizes quality of life issues which impact veterans and retirees.
  3. Defines an action plan to address the issues defined above.
  4. Represents the Association on issues which impact veterans and retirees at the request of the Chairman of the Board.
  5. Makes recommendations to the Chairman of the Board on policy issues which impact veterans and retirees.
  6. Identifies and makes recommendations to the Association to enhance more effective involvement of the Veteran and Retiree membership in the Association.
  7. Performs other duties that may be assigned by the Chairman of the Board.


Paul Hester (Chair)
Charles Baldwin
Rodney Ellison
Kevin Estrem
Richard E. Fitzhugh
Russell W. Mank
John Speigel
Elia T. Vasilopoulos
Maria T. Vinup
Thomas G. Wozniak

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As of December 21, 2012