Enlisted Council

Enlisted Council

The Enlisted Council is comprised of the twelve recipients of the Outstanding Airmen of the Year Award and senior enlisted members appointed by the Air Force to advise them.

The responsibilities of the Enlisted Council are as follows:

  1. Develops Air Force policy recommendations on quality of life and quality of service issues which impact the enlisted force.

  2. Identifies and prioritizes quality of life and quality of service issues, driven by legislative action, which impact the enlisted force.

  3. Prepares input, to include background information, and recommend action by the Air Force on these issues.

  4. Makes recommendations to the Air Force through the Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force on policy issues which impact the enlisted force.

  5. Responds to Air Force requests for study, evaluation, and/or recommendation on issues affecting the enlisted force.

  6. Performs such other duties as may be assigned by the Air Force


SSgt Fuentes, Lindsey
SSgt Jordan, Travis R.
SSgt Davis, Kresston
SrA Cherry III, Allen R.
TSgt Acfalle, Tamara
SMSgt Bogdan, Joseph
SSgt Kechijian, Douglas
SMSgt Terrance, Harold 
SSgt Harrison, Kurtis V.
MSgt Mason, Timothy
SrA Holley, Meaghan

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Last updated: 4/19/16