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Exceptional Service Award

Exceptional Service Award (ESA) Form

Exceptional Service Award (ESA) Form

An Exceptional Service Award shall be presented to those individual AFA members who have performed exceptional services for AFA in local, regional or national fields. A specific accomplishment in one or more fields shall determine recipients of this award. For determination purposes by the Awards Committee, consideration shall be given to those who have previously received the Medal of Merit and whose exceptional service has continued from that point. The number of such awards will be limited by the Awards Committee to approximately one half the number of Medals of Merit awarded in each region.

Exceptional Service Awards will be forwarded to the president of the recipient's state. It will be that president's responsibility to work with the Region President to arrange an appropriate time and place for the presentation of the award, making every effort to have the presentation made by a National Officer or Director. Exceptional Service Awards will not be presented at the AFA national convention; all will be presented in the field.

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