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Airman's Society

Help ensure our Air Force legacy of service is never forgotten...Join the Airman's Society today!

Members of the Airman's Society provide a powerful boost to Air Force Memorial programs that support retirement and promotion ceremonies as well as wreath-laying ceremonies on Memorial Day, Veterans Day, and many other days throughout the year. These and other events help educate the public about those individuals whose service and sacrifices reflect the best traditions of the United States Air Force.

By becoming a member, you'll help educate Americans about the human cost required to keep our nation free. You will also play a leading role in ensuring the Sacrifices of our Airmen are never forgotten and that their stories will be passed down from our generation to the next.

Make a member contribution of $25 or more today, and you'll receive a free subscription to our bi-annual newsletter, Airman's Society News, and other special benefits. If you would like to view our latest Airman's Society Newsletter then click here.

Join today and make a donation! Be sure and type "Airman's Society Membership" in the comments section to start your benefits today.

2012 Airman's Society Members

We would like to thank and recognize the many donors who have given to the Air Force Memorial Foundation during 2012!  Through this generous support, the Memorial is able to continue to honor America’s Airmen, preserve heritage, and host a variety of events and programs throughout the year.

To that end, we especially thank our Airman’s Society members; those who contributed a cumulative amount of $200 or more during 2012.  Listed below are the Airman’s Society members for 2012. This list is updated once a year in the Spring.

We have made every effort to ensure the accuracy of the names on this page;  however, should a mistake have been made, we apologize and ask that you let us know so we can correct the data. Please email us at

Thank you!

Airman’s Society $1000+

David and Mary Buckwalter
Joe Coors
William Dendinger
David Falk
Kenneth Gero
Norman Happel
Donald Hawthorne
Jack Kreisher
Lionel Leblanc
Evelyn McWilliams
Gene Salisbury
Peter Teets
Leonard and Betty Vernamonti
Patrick Werner

Airman’s Society $500- $999

Roy Browne
Ralph Carr
Suzann Chapman
Robert Chervek
Don Chrissinger
Charles Cristol
Antonio Cumuze
Andrew Curtis
Richard Dovey
James Drace
Edward Garland
James Graham
David Green
Victor Haas
James Hannam
Robert Hicks
Richard Hobaugh
Robert Johnson

Airman’s Society $200- $499

William Adams
Wayne Adkins
Gabriel Aguirre
Gerhard Albrecht
Donald Aldridge
Pete Alexandrakos
Laura Alvarado
Michael Anaclerio
Stephen Anderson
Carolyn Anderson
Ronald Arrowsmith
Robert Asche
Wade Ashley
F. Ball
Jay Barker
Gary Barrows
John Basham II
Thomas Bassich
Michael Baxter
Paul Beaulieu
Phyllis Beck
Max Bedwell
Larry Benson
William Bick
Charles Blair
Hoyt Blalock
James Blomquist
Charles Bloom
Jame Blue
Charles Bock
Robert L. Bohach
Dean Boles
Fred Boli
M. Bonner
Charles Bowen
Michael Bradley
Melvin Bradley
John Bradley
Marvin Brandt
Donald Brawley
Jerry Bridges
James Brightwell
William Bristol
William Brown
Diane Brown
Harry Bryant
Bohdan Buczynski
Milton Buls
Leonard Burke
Ned Cagle
Duncan Campbell
Daniel Cannon
Albert Cardosa
Lynn Carroll
Donald Carter
John Carter
Donald Carter
John Cass
Joseph Catanoso
Guy Caviness
James Chadburn
John Chain
Billy Chalmers
John Chapman
Chris Christensen
Ralph Clapper
Robert Clark
Gary Cloninger
Paul Cochran
Richard Coleman
Donald Coleman
Hilton Condit
Jimmie Cone
Frank Coniglio
Robert Connally
Robert Connors
Thomas Cookston
Wilson Cooney
Robert Copeskey
Christof Cordes
Lyle Corey
Karl Corser
Raymond Costello
C. Cowles
Ronald Cox
Michael Cozort
Kenneth Craib
John Cramer
Frances Cree
George Creighton
Robert Cronquist
Lawrence Cross
Ellen Crowder
Stephen Dalrymple
Alfred D'Amario
Robert Dambach
Carlton Damonte
John Daniels
Freddie Daugherty
Norman Davis
James Davis
Chester Day
John De Shazo
Robert Dean
Donald Dean
Bernard Deeter
Henry Delvecchio
David Deptula
Ronald Deutch
Dexter Dodge
Brian Donchez
Richard Dorwaldt
William Dotson
Robert Dowdy
Amos Dreessen
Richard Drown
David Dry
Paul Dunbar
H. Dunlap
Leslie Dunning
George Durham
Randall Duvall
Ralph Eberhart
Kevin Eck
Kenneth Edwards
Jarulv Egeland
Harry Elbirn
Louis Eliacin
Frank Eppler
Everett Erdoesy
Lori Everett
Nickolas Fank
Joseph Farley
Antonio Fasano
Patrick Feely
Janette Felger
Michael Fenske
James Fields
Joseph Fiordaliso
Thomas Fitzgerald
George Fortner
A Robert Fortney
Lawrence Foster
Larry Frazier
Richard Frette
Joseph Fritzie
Michael Frketich
Richard Frye
Richard Fujishige
Thomas Fukawa
Bob Funicello
Roger Gallagher
Frank Gasperich
Daniel Gates
Edward Gellings
Gilbert Gembacz
Andrew Georganna
Douglas Gibbons
Fred Gibson
Raymond Gilbert
Robert Gillies
Donna Glasbrenner
Joseph Glasser
Harvey Godbey
Richard Gonzalez
Christopher Grady
Timothy Graves
Owen Greenblatt
William Greene
Warren Griffith
Charles Gulley
Maryanne Haan

Ralph Jones
Carl Kane
Dellar Kennedy
Ralph Knight
Otto Koerber
Delbert Kohrt
Joseph La Tona
Howard Leach
Marvin Lerfald
Gregg Lofton
Ruben Lopez
Margaret Luttrell
George Mankel
George McNeil
Clinton Mullen
John NallyRobert Noone
Charles Owens
Charles Paul

Richard Hall    
Richard Hamilton    
Herbert Hamm    
Herbert Hancock    
Tokio Harada    
Grover Harless    
Todd Harmer    
Douglas Harper    
George Hart    
Richard Hawley    
Charles Hearst    
Thomas Hemingway    
Fred Henderson    
Paul Hendricks    
Keith Henley    
Harold Henneke    
Cherie Hennessey    
Raymond Hepler    
Fred Hermanns    
Kenneth Hess    
Guy Heyl    
Diane Hezlep    
Norman Hilbrecht    
Betty Hill    
William Hitztaler    
Stuart Hoag    
Robert Hodges    
Ralph Holden    
Burton Hollender    
Roy Holley    
William Hollingsworth    
Donald Hoppes    
James Houston    
James Howell    
Everington Howell
Martin Hoyt    
Joseph Huber    
Edward Hughes    
Michael Huttner    
William Ihde    
Floyd Isley    
Vila Ives    
Jake Jacobsen    
Alidore Jancauskas    
Manuel Jaramillo    
Robert Jenkins    
William Jent    
L. Johannesson    
Samuel Johnson    
Aubry Johnson    
Hansford Johnson    
Maria Johnson    
Alescia Johnson    
Russell Johnson    
Robert Johnston    
Lawrence Jones    
Derek Jones    
Richard Joppru    
Edward Josephson    
John Jumper    
Helen Kaestner    
Brian Kaley    
Paul Kallay    
Helen Kapral    
James Karafa    
John Kelly    
Edward Kelly    
Thomas Kemp    
Margaret Keriakos    
Carl Kester    
Robert Kibling    
David Kirby    
Kathleen Klose    
William Knapp    
James Knight    
Otto Koerber    
Bruce Kramer    
Jack Krout    
Raymond Krupp    
Susan Kuehl    
Dennis Kullander    
Nancy Kunkel    
Michael LaBounty    
F. Laignel    
Roy Lancaster    
William Lang    
John Lapham    
Doyle Larson    
Will Lathern    
Delbert Laughery    
Harry Lawler    
Richard Lawson    
Alexander Lazik
Charles Leitner    
Andrew Leong    
Erwin Lessel    
George Lester    
Wanda Levangie    
Keith Lewis    
Teck Lian    
Carrington Lloyd
Norma Loeser    
Donald Logan    
Bernard Long    
Richard Lowell    
Benjamin Lucas    
Cheryl Lukas    
Donald Lynch    
Sally Lynch    
Francis Madsen    
Daniel Mahon    
Robert Maines    
Robert Manyak    
Hans Mark    
V. Marshall    
Maurice Marshall    
Nancy Martin    
Richard Masato    
Philip Mathis    
Stephen Matula    
William McBride    
Michael McBride    
Gerald McCarthy    
Dell McDonald    
Jack McDougall    
Arthur McGraw    
Arthur McIntye    
Howard McKendrick    
Daniel McKenzie    
Dale McLaughlin    
Gerald McMahon    
Leroy McMichael    
Robert Menke    
Jim Meredith    
Frank Merklein    
James Metcalf    
Leigh Method    
Eric Miller    
Billy Mims    
Margaret Mishima    
Victor Mondelli    
Graham Monroe    
Calvert Moody    
Stephen Moore    
John Moquin    
Billy Morgan    
Robert Morgan    
Erin Moriarty    
William Morrisey    
Tyler Morton    
Harold Moss    
Richard Moulson    
George Muellner    
Eric Murdock    
J Patrick Naughton    
James Nelson    
Joseph Nerad    
Lawrence Newcomb    
James Newgent    
Bright Newhouse    
Jeffrey Newman    
Loren Newton    
Lloyd Newton    
Suellyn D. Novak    
Mike Nutgrass    
William Nuttall    
Jacqueline O'Keefe    
Francis Ormsbee    
Arthur Overton    
Tofie Owen    
Thomas Pappas    
Robert Parsons   

Paul Phillippi
Eric Phillips
Joseph Pisciotta
Jack Price
James Rankin
Albert Seaver
R. Sherman
Robert Siedle
Ross Simon
Lennie Skaggs
Victor Tate
Dennis Tolver
James Treat
William Webb
Sterling White
David White
James Zink

Lawrence Pass    
Wade Paton    
Charles Patterson    
James Pattillo    
John Paul    
Darrell Paye    
David Peach    
Earl Peck    
Robert C. Pelletier    
Lloyd Perkins    
Frederick Perkins    
Joseph Peters    
Thomas Petersen    
Donald Peterson    
Robert Pettis    
Richard Pickett    
Robert Pike    
William Pike    
William Pitts    
Sydney Pitzer    
John Porter    
Phillip Porter    
Mark Powers    
Gary Presuhn    
Joseph Price    
Frederick Quick    
Jeff Quirk    
Ronald Quist    
Frank Rakett    
Warren Ramsey    
William Rast    
William Ready    
Laramie Reece    
Richard Reed    
Benedict Reyes    
Benoni Reynolds    
Frank Rezac    
Donald Rhoads    
Robert Richards    
Dana Richards    
Edwin Rider    
Ray Rider    
Danny Rivera    
Q. Roberts    
Douglas Roberts    
S. Harry Robertson    
Nancy Robinson    
Carl Robinson    
Glenn Rockwell    
Richard Rohrer    
Roger Rucker    
James Russell    
David Russell    
Gene Salisbury    
Gary Sanger    
Albert Scheibly    
Victor Schelling    
Don Schiemann    
Albert Schneider    
John Schoeppner    
Bruce Schofield    
Fred Scott    
Howard Seamens    
Barre Seguin    
Eugene Severn    
R Shackle    
John Shahbaz    
Ernest Shelton    
Phillip Shields    
Richard Shinn    
Daniel Shires    
Jeff Shoemaker    
Rollin Shoemaker    
Richard Shroy    
David Sidwell    
Garfield Siebenhausen    
Gary Siembab    
Karl Signor    
William Simon    
Ray Sitton    
Janet Smith    
Jack Smith    
Kenneth Smith    
Noel Smith    
Robert Snook    
William Snyder    
Michele Sobel    
James Sparks    
Lisa Sprague    
Robert Springer    
Sidney  Stayler    
D. Steere    
Jerry Stephens    
Robert Stephens    
David Sterling    
Robert Sternecker    
Billy Stewart    
Douglas Stewart    
James Stipe    
Robert Stocker    
Harold Strack    
Roger Strelow    
David Strick    
Frederick Swanson    
Kenneth Sweet    
William Swendner    
George Sylvester    
Frank Tablas    
Raymond Tagge    
F. Tedrow    
Roland Thomas    
Dan Thompson    
Ernest Thorp    
James Thurman    
John Tibbs    
Chester Titus    
Richard Tolle    
Frank Tonini    
Howard Topping    
Rafael Torres-Pagan    
Milton Towne    
Richard Treadwell    
Mahlon Trout    
Craig Truman    
John Tuffli    
Rob Tuttle    
Jack Uffelman    
Pat Unterseher    
Loyd Upchurch    
Thomas Van Dyke    
James Van Houten    
Louis Van Mullem    
Rose VanHook    
Lloyd VanNorden    
Margarita Vasquez    
Larry Vaughn    
Joe Vinyard    
Frank Vitrano    
Barnabas Vorreiter    
Herman Wagner    
Robert Walker    
James Walsh    
Heinz Ward    
George Warrick    
Andrew Waters    
Ronald Webb    
Vernon Webb    
William Weiekel    
Carl Weiss    
Larry Welch    
Helen Wells    
James Wenzel    
Murray Westley    
Orman Whetzel    
Thomas White    
Delilah Whitfield    
Charles Wilcox    
William Wilkinson    
William Wilson    
Robert Wilson    
Ann Wilson    
Edward Winslow    
Richard Witt    
Thomas Wolfe    
Edward Woodward    
Hubert Wrenn    
Thomas Yates    
Gerald Young    
Michael Zettler    
Michael Ziegler    
Robert Zimmerman    
James Zoellner