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Monday, September 14, 2015

Reinventing the Aerospace Nation
Secretary of the Air Force Deborah Lee James

Airmen & Family Programs Senior Leader Town Hall
Gen Mark Welsh & Mrs. Betty Welsh,
Secretary Deborah Lee James and Mr. Frank Beatty, and
CMSAF James Cody and Mrs. Athena Cody

The Quest for a New Airpower Strategy
Col John Andreas Olsen

Panel: Transforming from Industrial Age to Information Age Airpower
Maj Gen Curtis Bedke, USAF Ret.,
Lt Gen Dave Deptula, USAF Ret., and
Lt Gen Ervin Rokke, USAF Ret.

Humanitarian and Disaster Relief
Elizabeth Lukasavich

Imagining World War III
Dr. Peter Singer

Panel: Air Force Energy
Miranda Ballentine, Dr. Leslie Perkins,
Col Richard Eccher, Lt Col Mark Lyons,
Capt W. Austin Street

State of the Aerospace Sector
David Melcher, James McAleese, Richard Aboulafia

PACAF-You've Got to Have Friends: Building Pacific Airpower Partnerships
Gen Lori Robinson

Panel: Chief Master Sergeant Forum
Moderator: CMSgt Steve McDonald, CMSgt Vicki Gamble, CMSgt Matt Caruso,
CMSgt Farrell Thomas, CMSgt Cameron Kirksey, CMSgt Jim Hotaling

Panel: Empowering Tomorrow's Analyst: Revolutions in Analytics
Lt Gen Robert Otto, Dr. Steven Rogers,
James Crawford, Samuel Druker

Defense Contracting for the Aerospace Nation
Lt Gen Wendy Masiello

Panel: USAF RPAs: Tough Lessons for the 2025 Force
Lt Col Joseph L. Campo, Lt Col Travis Norton, Maj Jason P. Willey

Panel: Beyond the Bomber
Lt Gen Dave Deptula, USAF Ret., Lt Gen Robert Elder, USAF (Ret.),
Lt Gen Christopher Miller, USAF (Ret.) and Mark Gunzinger

Panel: Congress and National Security
Matt Donovan, Dave Giachetti, Tom Goffus

Panel: The Imperative for Innovation in a Time of Austerity
Maj Gen Thomas Masiello, Maj Gen David Harris,
Dr. Mark Lewis, and Dr. Greg Zacharias

Panel: Rethinking the Nuclear Triad
Clark Murdock and Evan Montgomery

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Panel: Airman 2.0 - The Air Force's Human Capital Plan
Lt Gen Steven Kwast, Lt Gen Gina Grosso, and Daniel Sitterly

Spirit of '45
Jerry Yellin

Airmen & Family Programs Session
Steve Schwab

Cyberwar - Where We Are Now
Shane Harris

Panel: Tri-lateral Strategic Initiative
Maj Gen John Newell, Air Vice Marshal Gavin Parker, Maj-Gen Pascal Delerce

5th Generation Warfare
Gen Hawk Carlisle

Panel: Building Cyber Teams - The Inside View
Maj Gen Karen Rizzuti, Maj Gen James Marrs,
Maj Gen Ed Wilson, and Maj Gen Brett William, USAF Ret.

Airmen & Family Programs Session: Peers Sharing the Care
Lynda Davis

Panel: Bringing the Aerospace Nation Together
The Honorable James Roche, The Honorable Michael Wynne, and
The Honorable Michael Donley

Airmen & Family Programs Session: Kids, Resilience, and Caring Adults
Christina App

Harnessing the Coming Aerospace Revolution
Gen Ellen M. Pawlikowski

South China Sea Freedom of Access
Dr. Michael Pillsbury

Air Force Update
General Mark A. Welsh III

Air Force Special Operations Command Training and Technology Transformation
Lt Gen Bradley Heithold

Preserving our Space and Cyberspace Capabilities
Gen John Hyten

Panel: Acquisition Updates: F-35 and KC-46 Programs
Lt Gen Christopher Bogdan, Lt Gen Arnold Bunch, and Brig Gen Duke Richardson

The Evolution of the Predator
Richard Whittle

Panel: Meeting Global Requirements in a Time of Austerity
Gen Lori Robinson, Gen Frank Gorenc, and Heidi Grant

Autonomy and Swarming - First Steps
Paul Scharre

Reinventing the National Aerospace Structure
Maj Gen Ed Bolton, Ret., Mr. Steven Pennington, Mr. Paul Rinaldi, and Ms. Margaret Jenny

Strategic Agility in the Aerospace Nation
Dr. William LaPlante

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Enlisted Force Update
Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force James A. Cody

Keynote Address
The Honorable Ashton B. Carter

Panel: Our Enlisted Heritage
CMSAF Eric Benken, CMSAF Gerald Murray, CMSAF James McCoy, CMSAF Frederick Finch, CMSAF James Roy

Airmen & Family Programs Session: 7 Habits of Military Families
Julienne Stathis

Panel: Space in the Commercial Sector
Bretton Alexander and Dr. Antonio Elias

Enlisted Personnel Programs Update
CMSgt Brandy Petzel

The Air Force's Wounded, Ill, and Injured Caregiver Panel
SrA Justin Deskin, Heather Deskin, TSgt Alex Eudy and Alyson Eudy

Panel: Leading Airpower in the 21st Century
Gen David Goldfein and Lt Gen John Hesterman

Panel: Total Force
Lt Gen James Jackson, Lt Gen Stanley Clarke, Lt Gen James Holmes, and Daniel Sitterly

Q&A with Chief Cody
Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force James A. Cody

Airmen & Family Programs Session: The Caregivers' Stories
Heather Gray

Four Star Forum
Moderator: Gen Mark Welsh