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Information For Delegates

2015 National Convention Information Briefs

As the 2015 National Convention approaches, we will post any pertinent information for delegates below, such as read-aheads or reports. We will continue to post items as they are received, so please be sure to check this page frequently!

OPM Change 1
OPM Change 2
OPM Change 3
Constitution Change 1 - Silver Wings President
Constitution Change 2 - Membership Dues

To read current full versions of the OPM and Constitution - click links below:
AFA Constitution
AFA Operations and Procedure Manual

Statement of Policy - Draft Version as of 8-24-2015
Top Issues - Draft Version as of 8-25-2015

Chairman's Report
Open RP Meeting/Convention Workshop Schedule
StellarXplorers Information Brief
Revoked Organizations Information Sheet
Training Subcommittee Brief
Airmen and Family Programs
Membership Committee Brief