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Symposium Approval

Approval as of January 9, 2014:

"Official Air Force participation in the Air Force Association's 30th 
Annual Air Warfare Symposium and Technology Exposition, Orlando, 
Florida, is approved with the following caveats:

Personnel outside the greater Orlando area who may be considering 
spending TDY funds to attend this conference must remember that FY14 
Spending Control Actions and AF Sequester Guidance regarding TDY 
travel remains in effect and that all travel must be assessed and 
appropriately approved as "mission critical".  Invited speakers are authorized
to attend at AF expense.

For personnel inside the greater Orlando area, supervisors may approve 
attendance subject to workload and mission requirements, and if 
approved, attendance should be at no cost to the Air Force.

Contact Lt Col M. Snow, SAF/AA, 703-693-9503 or DSN 223-9503, if you 
have questions."
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