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The Mitchell Institute for Aerospace Studies is an independent, non-profit research, studies, and analysis organization founded by the Air Force Association. It takes its name from America’s most famous and arguably greatest airman, Brig. Gen. William Mitchell. The Institute seeks to carry on, in the modern day, General Mitchell’s tireless and dedicated effort to expand airpower thinking and increase public awareness of the need for this unique military instrument. The Institute is based in the Washington, D.C. area.  More about Mitchell Institute...

Mitchell Institute Publications

China’s Air and Space Revolution (2013)
Winning the ATF (2012)
Layering ISR Forces (2011)
Predator's Big Safari (2011)
USAF and the Rise of Air and Space Power (2011)
Arsenal of Airpower: USAF Aircraft Inventory, 1950-2009 (2010) TAI Database (MS Excel)
The Radar Game (2010)
Air Force UAVs: The Secret History (2010)
Hypersonic Power Projection (2010)
Triad, Dyad, Monad ? (2009)
The Vanishing Arsenal of AirPower (2009)
Airpower For Hybrid Warfare (2009)
The Tanker Imperative (2009)
Combat Air Forces In Crisis (2009)
Airpower in Afghanistan (2009)
The Army Air Forces in World War II (2009)
The Air Force and the Gulf War (2009)
Rise of Cyber War (2008)
Losing Air Dominance (2008)
Victory in Cyberspace (2007)
The Air Force Century, 1907-2007 (2007) (large file)
Return of the Bomber (2007)
The First 60 Years: The Air Force 1947 to 2007 (2006) (large file)
In the Wake of the QDR (2006)
The Cold War Air Force, a pictorial history (2005) (large file)
The Air Force and the Cold War (2005)
The War of 9/11 (2005)
Delivering Combat Capability at Home and Abroad (2004)
The Smithsonian and The Enola Gay (2004)
Gulf War II: Air and Space Power Led the Way
The Air Force and the Vietnam War (2004) (large file)
Strategy, Requirements, and Forces (2003)
The Afghan Air War (2002)
Effects-Based Operations: Change in the Nature of Warfare (2001)
Shortchanging the Future: Air Force R&D Demands Investment (2000)
The Kosovo Campaign: Aerospace Power Made It Work (1999)

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