USAF Official Approval

"Official Air Force participation in the Air Force Association's Air & Space Conference and Technology Exposition 2013, National Harbor, Maryland, has been approved IAW the most recent AF Sequester Guidance and the 12 Dec 12 Conference Policy Guidance.

Centralized TDY funding will be made available for winners of a limited number of awards and appointed council members.  POC for centralized funding is Mr. Doug Benskin, SAF/AARA, Comm 703-695-3254, DSN 225-3254.  Travel orders (using centralized funding) must be entered into DTS NLT 31 Aug 2013.  Invited speakers and other individual attendees may participate in a funded TDY status only if local funding is determined to be available and appropriate; local travel approval authorities must determine whether individual participation at AF expense is mission critical IAW AF Sequestration Guidance.

For general questions about AF funded participation, call Lt Col Heather Meyer, SAF/AA, Comm 703-693-9503, DSN 223-9503."