Audio Recordings

Monday, September 15, 2014

State of the Air Force
Secretary of the Air Force Deborah Lee James

Panel: Role of Airpower in NATO
Maj Gen Per-Egil Rygg, Norwegian Air Force 
Colonel Jaak Tarien, Estonian Air Force, and
General F. Javier Garcia Arnaiz, Spanish Air Force

Predator: The Secret Origins of the Drone Revolution
Mr. Richard Whittle

Panel: Competing in Today's Marketplace
Mark Cherry, James McAleese, Robert Edmonds,
Jared Isaacman, and Tom Arseneault

Panel: C2 Battle Management
Lt Gen Russell Handy, Lt Gen John Sattler, USMC Ret., and
Lt Gen Robert Elder USAF Ret.

F-35 Update
Lt Gen Christopher Bogdan

Lt Gen Tad Oelstrom, USAF Ret.

Gen Frank Gorenc

Chief Master Sergeant Forum
Moderator CMSgt Michael Warner, CMSgt Harold Hutchison, CMSgt Gerardo Tapia,
CMSgt Cameron Kirksey, CMSgt Douglas McIntyre, and CMSgt James Hotaling

Fitness of our Air Force Partnerships: Global Security One Step at a Time
Ms. Heidi Grant

European Air Power: Challenges and Opportunities
Moderator Col John Andreas Olsen, Lieutenant General Karl Mullner and General Akın Ozturk

Panel: 21st Century Warfare: The Combat Cloud
Gen Hawk Carlisle, Gen Mike Hostage, Maj Gen Linda Urrutia-Varhall, and The Honorable Michael Wynne

State of the Air Force Reserve
Lt Gen James Jackson

Air National Guard Update
Lt Gen Stanley E. Clarke III

Panel: RPA Vector
Col Brandon Baker, Col James Merchant and Mr. Steven Pennington

The Future of NATO
Gen Philip Breedlove

How Defense Contractors can help DoD Cost Estimators
Dr. Jamie Morin

Challenges and Opportunities Facing the US and Global Defense Industrial Bases
Dr. Nayantara Hensel

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Panel: Nuclear Enterprise
Maj Gen Garrett Harencak, Maj Gen Sandra Finan and Lt Gen Stephen Wilson

AFRL Game Changers
Maj Gen Thomas Masiello

World War II
Jerry Yellin

Jimmy Doolittle: A Master of Calculated Risk
Jonna Doolittle Hoppes

AFSPC: Defending Our Edge
General John Hyten

Tanker Update
Maj Gen John Thompson

Trends and Uncertainty in the Defense Budget
Todd Harrison

India's Transforming Air Posture
Dr. Benjamin Lambeth

AMC Update
General Darren McDew

DLA and the Air Force
Vice Admiral Mark Harnitchek

China and Russia: The New Axis
Gordon Chang

Future Worldwide Threats
General Mike Hayden, USAF Ret.

Air Force Update
General Mark A. Welsh III

Future of the Combat Air Force
General Mike Hostage

Panel: Adapting to a Budget Constrained Environment
Marion Blakey, Mick Maurer, Darryl Davis, Christopher T. Jones and Robert F. Weiss

Air Force Acquisition
Dr. William LaPlante

AMC Requirements
Maj Gen Michael Stough

PACAF - Seizing Opportunities for Innovation
General Hawk Carlisle

Panel: Managing the Air Force
The Honorable Whitten Peters, The Honorable James Roche, The Honorable Micheal Wynne, and The Honorable Michael Donley

Panel: Energy and the Air Force
Roberto Guerrero, Col Ron Torgerson, USAF Ret., Lt Col Lucian Niemeyer, USAF Ret., Col Rich Fryer, USAF Ret., and Mark Duszinski

Ensuring Aerospace Dominance in the Asia-Pacific: A Look to 2030
Dr. Michael Auslin

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Defense Industrial Base Going Forward
Christopher Chadwick

The Enlisted Perspective
CMSAF James Cody

Keynote Address
Secretary Chuck Hagel

The Consequences of America’s Retreat
Dr. Charles Krauthammer

Panel: Our Enlisted Heritage
CMSAF James McCoy, CMSAF Frederick Finch, CMSAF Rodney McKinley and CMSAF Gerald Murray

Air Education and Training Command Update
Gen Robin Rand

A1 Update
CMSgt Brandy Petzel

Keynote Address
Secretary Jeh Johnson

Q&A With Chief Cody
CMSAF James Cody

Four Star Forum
Moderator: Gen Mark Welsh