Together, We Are Airmen for Life

When we raised our right hands and recited the oath to the United States Air Force, we became bestowed with a lasting honor. We don’t take that lightly. Whether a Total Force Airman, Space Professional, civilian, cadet or family member, we all believe in a dominant Air Force.

The Air Force Association connects brave Airmen and Space Professionals who commit their lives to protecting the greater good of our country. And for all who support the importance of aerospace power, we welcome you to the AFA community. Through a network of more than 200 chapters, we are here to share, support and sustain your journey as an Airman for Life.

AFA Mission

Our mission is to promote dominant U.S. Air and Space Forces as the foundation of a strong National Defense; to honor and support our Airmen, Space Force Professionals, and their Families; and to remember and respect our enduring Heritage. 

To accomplish this, we: 

• EDUCATE the public on the critical need for unrivaled aerospace power and a technically superior workforce to ensure national security 

• ADVOCATE for aerospace power, and promote aerospace and STEM education and professional development 

• SUPPORT readiness for the Total Air and Space Forces, including Active Duty, National Guard, Reserve, civilians, families and members of the Civil Air Patrol


AFA Vision

The Air Force Association will be the premier professional military and aerospace education Association in the nation, dedicated to United States dominance in air, space, and cyberspace, a strong national defense, and support for the men and women of the United States Air and Space Forces.

AFA is a volunteer-led organization working to communicate key national security issues at the national, state, and local levels. The top-level support from the Secretary of the Air Force, Chief of Staff of the Air Force, Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force, Director of the Air National Guard, and Chief of the Air Force Reserve help us fulfill this goal. Our more than 200 chapters across the country drive community awareness about the impact of the Air Force through elections and a variety of programs. From our national headquarters in Arlington, VA, the AFA staff organizes programs ranging from conference and symposia to aerospace education initiatives and advocacy efforts with Congressional leaders. 

Every September, state and chapter-level delegates attending the National Convention elect the next term of national officers and directors. These delegates represent our membership and participate in voting on AFA policies, including the “AFA Top Issues.”

The 2019-2020 AFA Leadership Team

  • Chairman of the Board: Gerald R. Murray
  • Vice Chairman of the Board, Field Operations: F. Gavin MacAloon
  • Vice Chairman of the Board, Aerospace Education: Jim Hannam
  • National Secretary: Richard W. Hartle
  • National Treasurer: Steven R. Lundgren
  • President: Bruce A. Wright
  • Executive Vice President: Doug A. Raaberg

The 2019-2020 AFA Region Presidents

AFA is divided into 14 geographic regions, each led by a Region President:

  • Peter Jones, Central East Region (Maryland, Delaware, District of Columbia, Virginia, West Virginia)
  • Wayne Kauffman, Far West Region (California, Hawaii, Guam)
  • Mark Chapman, Florida Region (Florida, Puerto Rico)
  • Tom Koogler, Great Lakes Region (Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio)
  • Chris Canada, Midwest Region (Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska)
  • Kevin Grady, New England Region (Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont)
  • Larry Saggstetter, North Central Region (Minnesota, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin)
  • Bill Fosina, Northeast Region (New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania)
  • William Striegel, Northwest Region (Alaska, Idaho, Oregon, Washington)
  • Linda Aldrich, Rocky Mountain Region (Colorado, Utah, Wyoming)
  • Teresa Anderson, South Central Region (Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee)
  • Jackie Trotter, Southeast Region (Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina)
  • Roberta Pike Oates, Southwest Region (Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico)
  • Mike Winslow, Texoma Region (Oklahoma, Texas)

AFA is also represented overseas by Aaron Williams (Europe).

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The Air Force Association is incorporated under IRS Code Section 501(c)3. Contributions to AFA are deductible for tax purposes up to the full extent of the law. Some Chapter and State organizations are incorporated entities and others are recognized as tax exempt under the umbrella of AFA’s group exemption number (GEN) 5392.

AFA’s Promise