I have chosen to be a part of AFA because I believe in the mission of Advocate, Educate, and Support and how this translates into meaningful action, programs and events for our Total Force Airmen.

— CMSgt Katie McCool, Eglin Chapter

CMSgt Katie McCool


Tom Koogler

As a career Air Force civilian, I joined AFA because it supports the USAF and all its career fields and all Airmen: Active Duty, AF civilians, AF Reserve, ANG, ROTC, JROTC, CAP and their families.

I became more involved with my local chapter after attending their monthly meetings where I saw what they were doing to support the Airmen in the local area and our overall community. After I retired from my Air Force civilian career, I was asked to take a more active leadership role and have now served as the Chapter Vice President, Chapter President, State of Ohio President and currently have the honor to serve as the Great Lakes Region President.

— Tom Koogler, Great Lakes Region President


AFA has given me everything good in my life and career.

Without AFA I would still be a wanderer with no place to go.

— Capt Gabbe Kearney, Midnight Sun Alaska Chapter

Captain Gabbe Kearney


Lieutenant colonel Shannon Farrell

I joined AFA as a cadet in Arnold Air Society. I have stayed and stayed active due to the amazing people I have met over the years.

The network that I have through AFA is fantastic and the mentors I have gained are invaluable.

— Lt Col Shannon Farrell, Wright Memorial Chapter


I am an Airman for life. As an Air Force Retiree who served on Active Duty for 22 years, AFA continues to keep me informed about our Air Force and keeps me in the Air Force Family, making Airman for Life more than a slogan!

— SMSgt (Ret.) Ted Fafinski, Genesee Valley Chapter

Corp presenting flag


corp running with flag

I joined the AFA because I was a United States Air Force civilian employee from 1982 to 1999. Now retired, I am still interested to know what goes on in the United States Air Force.

— Rogelio Peña, Gen Doolittle LA Area Chapter


When I arrived at my new duty location, JBSA-Randolph, Alamo Chapter President Debbie Landry contacted me within hours of my AFA query and I have been an active member since.

I enjoy the networking and professional development opportunities AFA provides. My favorite event is the annual “Combat Breakfast” sponsored by the Alamo Chapter. It is one of a series of events hosted by the San Antonio Chamber of Commerce to honor the men and women in America’s military.

AFA has strengthened my awareness of national policy and provided me with a perspective and understanding of how the Air Force functions within a democratic republic.

— SMSgt Sonora L. Vasquez, Alamo Chapter

Senior master sergeant Sonora L. Vasquez


Major Gilberto S. Perez

I was captivated by the AFA's proud heritage of supporting the Air Force, from playing an integral role in standing-up an independent Air Force in 1947, founding the Community College of the Air Force, sponsoring the 12 Outstanding Airmen of the Year, and creating the Air Force Memorial to name a few. AFA truly stands behind its mantra of being “The Force behind the Force,” in both words and actions.

Joining AFA takes you beyond the Profession of Arms into an Air Force Family, where Airmen across the Total Force and generational lines come together for a common purpose—to educate, advocate, and support one another. The relationships developed through the years is what I truly cherish the most out of my membership.

— Maj Gilberto S. Perez, Hurlburt Chapter


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