AFA Board of Directors 2021-2022

National Officers

Gerald Murray – Chairman of the Board, CMSAF #14,

Jim Simons – Vice Chairman of the Board, Field Operations

Stephen Gourley – Vice Chairman of the Board, Aerospace Education

Mike Liquori – Secretary

Chuck Martin – Treasurer

National Directors - Elected

Bobi Oates – West Area

Susan Mallett– Central Area

Mac MacAloon – East Area

Mark Tarpley – At Large

Jackie Trotter – At Large

Joe Burke – At Large

Molly Mae Potter – At Large

Len Vernamonti – At Large

National Directors – Ex Officio

David Goldfein, General, CSAF #21

Kaleth Wright, Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force, CMSAF #18

National Directors -- Appointed

Robin Rand, General (Ret) – At Large

Thomas Deale, Maj Gen (Ret) 

Roger Teague, Brig Gen (Ret) 

Kathleen Ferguson 

Appointed/Non-Voting Board

Steve Schaick, Maj Gen (Ret) – Chaplain

Orville Wright, Lt Gen (Ret) – President

Whit Peters, Secretary of the Air Force #19 – Past Chairman

James Brutus, C/BG Arnold Air Society Commander, University of Central Florida

Michaela Mesiti, Silver Wings President, SW National President, Rochester Institute of Technology, USAF AFCS PCIP Intern (Wright-Patterson)

*Chairman Appointment for Vacated Positions