Jim Hannam

Vice Chairman of the Board, Aerospace Education

Jim Hannam, Vice Chairman of the Board for Aerospace Education, is the volunteer leader guiding the overall direction of the AFA Education Mission and overseeing its Aerospace Education Programs. An AFA Life Member, he joined AFA in 1976. He serves in the Executive Committee of the DW Steele Chapter, and previously as Steele Chapter President, Virginia State Secretary, Central East Region President, AFA Board of Directors, Long Range Planning Committee, Chairman of the Strategic Planning Committee, and for the last many years,  Vice Chairman of the Aerospace Education Council. AFA awards include the Medal of Merit, Exceptional Service Award, President's and Chairman's Award, and AFA Member of the Year.

Hannam earned a Bachelor of Science in Engineering from the United States Air Force Academy, a Master of Science in Applied Mechanics from Stanford University, and an MBA from Auburn University. He was a fighter pilot and Instructor Pilot in F-105 Thunderchiefs with 100 combat missions over North Vietnam, also flew F-4 Phantoms in Southeast Asia and Europe, and F-16 Falcons in Europe. He served as an Assistant Professor in Engineering Mechanics and Flying/Soaring Instructor at USAFA, Wing Director of Operations and USAFE IG Director of Inspections in Europe, Commander on Aviano, AB Italy, and on the TAC and Air Staffs in Requirements. After 26 years of service, Hannam retired as a Colonel.