Reserve Advisory Council

Reserve Advisory Council

The Reserve Advisory Council is composed of officers, enlisted members and civilians who serve (or have served) in the Air Force Reserve. They represent the different constituencies of the Air Force Reserve.

The responsibilities of the Reserve Council are as follows:

  1. Develops Air Force policy recommendations on quality of life and quality of service issues, which impact Air Force Reserve members. 

  2. Identifies and prioritizes quality of life and quality of service issues, driven by legislative action, which impact Air Force Reserve members.

  3. Prepares input, to include background information, and recommend action by the Air Force on these issues. 

  4. Makes recommendations to the Air Force Reserve through AF/RE on policy issues which impact Air Force Reservists.

  5. Responds to Air Force Reserve requests for study, evaluation, and/or recommendation on issues affecting members of the Air Force Reserve.

  6. Performs such other duties as may be assigned by the Air Force Reserve.


Maj Gen Michael D. Kim (Chair)
Col Kathy S. Hash (Advisor)
CMSgt Jeremy S. Shewmake  (Liaison)

Maj Christina M. Diaz                    
Col Anthony G. Polashek              
Capt Theresa N. Eckard
Lt Col Joseph T. Marcinek
Capt Kristen E. George 
SMSgt Stephanie A. Moncalieri
SMSgt Chad T. Welch 
SMSgt Patricia L. Kawa’a 
MSgt Justin R. Falcon

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As of April 19, 2016