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Since it's founding in 1946, the Air force Association has worked with the private sector and the US Air Force in common cause to assure the United States has the best equipment, systems and people.

Our Air Force is the most respected and feared air force in the world. This did not happen by accident; it came about through the vision, sacrifice and persistence of many dedicated people.

Today our preeminence in air, space and cyberspace is threatened by an unprecedented combination of forces. These times call for an enhanced partnership with public and private sectors to meet this historic challenge.

Partnering with us as a corporate member provides numerous opportunities to bring your products, services, thought leadership and programs to the attention of decision-makers at every level; in the areas of Networking and Business Development; Corporate Branding and Visibility; Employee Benefits, Discounts and Professional Education opportunities that can only be found through AFA conferences and member specific events, as well as other AFA marketing channels.

Upon initiating membership in our Corporate Member Program, your company will be recognized as a supporter of the Air Force Association's mission, people and events - promoting a dominant United States Air Force, strong national defense, honoring Airmen and our Air Force heritage, and advocating for aerospace power and STEM education. Best of all, you will be offered more ways to engage with top level Air Force Leaders. There's no better way to get involved, derive value and make a difference.

Our three Corporate Memberships salute the service and sacrifice of three of our Army Air Corps and Air Force pioneers:

Our $8,000 Corporate Membership salutes the “Father of AFA” and its first president- General James “Jimmy” Doolittle.  General Doolittle was a Medal of Honor recipient, pioneering holder of speed records, leader of the first aerial attack on the Japanese mainland, and famed World War II air commander. His other decorations included two Distinguished Flying Service Crosses, the Silver Star, three Distinguished Flying Crosses, the Bronze Star, four Air Medals, and other foreign decorations.



Our $5,500 Corporate Membership salutes Captain Eddie Rickenbacker. Captain Rickenbacker was America’s World War I Ace of Aces. With twenty six aerial victories, he was America’s most successful fighter ace in WWI. He received the Medal of Honor, seven Distinguished Service Cross awards, the Légion d’honneur and the Croix de Guerre.



Our $2,500 Corporate Membership salutes the “General of the Air Force”- General Henry “Hap” Arnold. General Arnold was a pioneer Airman who was taught to fly by the Wright Brothers, and commander of Army Air Forces in victory over Germany and Japan in World War II.  His life paralleled the growth of America's air power and he personally contributed to most of the major milestones of development. By act of Congress, he received permanent five-star rank as General of the Air Force, the first such commission ever granted.


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The Air Force Association Industry Advisory Board is an opportunity for senior leaders in the Defense Industry to serve as sounding boards and networkers for future and current AFA endeavors. AFA values the industry experience these senior leaders bring to the table and we are happy to welcome inaugural members Michael Hayden, General, USAF (Ret) from the Chertoff Group and Richard Cody, General, USA (Ret) from L3 to our Advisory Board. Both of these well-known military leaders have offered to share their insights and recommendations to AFA to ensure AFA maintains its position as the preeminent organization supporting a dominant US Air Force and Airmen worldwide. Please reference our Corporate Alliances brochure for additional information on AFA programs.

Michael-Hayden_sm.gifMichael Hayden, General, USAF (Ret)

Cody_sm.gifRichard Cody, General, USA (Ret)