Airmen for Life

The Air Force Association exists as an organization so we can all be Airmen for Life.  It is the very foundation on which General Jimmy Doolittle built AFA.  History records that after World War II, General Doolittle was concerned that those great Airmen who fought in the war would disperse and lose touch.  His concept was to "keep the gang together," which is another way of saying he provided a forum for Airmen to serve a cause they believed in and loved for life.


As a member of AFA you have access to our many programs and initiatives to help you continue your journey as an Airman for Life. Join Today!

  • Engage in professional development and networking events
    • Air, Space & Cyber Conference - more
    • Air Warfare Symposium - more
    • Air Force Breakfast Program - more
    • Mitchell Institute Forums - more
    • Air Force Magazine - more and the Daily Report - more

  • Provide support to Airmen their families
    • Scholarships and Grants - more
    • Wounded Airmen Program - more
  • Encourage STEM education for future leaders
    • The National Youth Cyber Education Program: CyberPatriot - more
    • The National High School Space Competition: StellarXplorers - more
    • Arnold Air Society and Silver Wings - more
  • Strengthen your voice for a dominant Air Force
    • Advocacy on Capitol Hill - More
    • Mitchell Institute - more

Enjoy local activities as an Airmen for Life

AFA has more than 200 chapters across the country in locations around the world - more

 Join AFA today and become and Airmen for Life!

Airmen for Life Logo Contest Winner

Congratulations Christian Anderson!

AFA has selected Christian Anderson's beautiful design for our official Airman for Life logo. Christian Anderson is an Air Force Veteran having served with the 62nd Military Airlift Wing as an illustrator and graphic designer. Anderson's design displays the infinity symbol and an aircraft to represent the principle of being an Airman for Life. Thank you Christian and all those who submitted designs for our contest! 

For questions regarding our Airman for Life campaign, please contact McKinnon Pearse at