State Teacher of the Year Award

State Teacher of the Year Application Form 

State Teacher of the Year Application Form  

Chapter/State Teacher of the Year Press Release Template


The purpose of the program is to recognize classroom teachers at the state level for their accomplishments and achievements in exciting K-12 students about science and math (STEM) and preparing them to use and contribute to tomorrow’s technologies. This is a unique opportunity for states to reward special teachers who are furthering excellence and making coming to class an adventure.

Guidelines and Criteria

  • To be eligible the state candidate must be a current Chapter Teacher of Year, either in the k-8 or 9-12 grade level category
  • Only one State TOY package can be submitted to AFA National for award components. If a state wishes to recognize more than one State TOY, such as runners up, the state will be responsible for award components.
  • The State TOY nomination form must be completed and attached to the complete Chapter TOY package.
  • A letter of endorsement from the AFA Chapter President must be added to the entire State TOY package.
  • The program runs from January 1 – April 30.  AEVPs are encouraged to select State TOYs in time to allow for submission of National TOY package to AFA National by May 31, if warranted, and, in time to recognize State TOYs at schools before the end of the school year.
  • AFA elected officers, voting board members, employees, and their immediate family members (spouse/children) are not eligible for this recognition.


    • A check in the amount of $500.00.
    • A Certificate of Excellence.
    • A personalized jacket.
    • State Teacher of the Year Pin
    • A complimentary Civil Air Patrol Aerospace Education Membership sponsored by the Civil Air Patrol.
    • Any other award components the state wishes to add.

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