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Medals of Merit

Medal of Merit Award Form

Medal of Merit Award Form

Shall be awarded for exceptional services in local, regional or national fields and shall denote great initiative on the part of the recipient for specific achievements. For determination purposes, consideration shall be given to those individual AFA members whose achievements are being recognized for the first time. Local recognition of achievement should, in most cases, precede national recognition. In the vast majority of cases, someone who has not received prior national AFA recognition should be considered for the Medal of Merit first. There is no limit to the number of times a Medal of Merit may be awarded to one individual for different periods of accomplishment.

Authority to determine those individuals to whom Medals of Merit will be awarded rests with the Region President. An allocation of awards is available based on a calculation of .05% of the March 31 regional membership count or 25% of the total number of active chapters in the region, whichever results in the larger number will determine the maximum number of Medals of Merit (with a minimum of 5) to be awarded to any given region. Region Presidents will be advised of that figure during the month of April each year. They will then approve/reject the nominations received from the State Presidents and forward them on to AFA Headquarters for action by the national Awards Committee.
Medals of Merit will be forwarded to the appropriate State President who will work with the Region President to arrange an appropriate time and place for the presentation of the award, making every effort to have the presentation made by a National Officer or Director. Medals of Merit will be presented in the field.

Note: Individuals recommended for the above family of awards may work up progressively from the lower to the higher awards; or may be elevated initially to a higher award, based on the merits of the nomination as evaluated by the Awards Committee.