Aerospace Excellence Award

AE Excellence Award Form
AE Excellence Award Form 

Requirements/Selection Criteria

AFA chapters who have met the AE Achievement Award criteria for the current award year are eligible to apply for the Aerospace Education Excellence Award.

One page narrative submitted by the Chapter explaining why the Chapter’s Aerospace Education programs are exceptional.

Submissions due by the published date for AFA National Award Nominations each year.
AFA National Awards Committee will select the winners.
Award Allocation
One chapter in each of the AFA size categories, small, medium, large and extra large will be selected each year to receive the Excellence Award.

The award consists of a chapter patch.

The Award will be presented at the AFA National Convention.

Chapter members attending the AFA National Convention will receive an Aerospace Education ribbon to be worn on their convention badge.
A chapter is not eligible to receive the award for two years in succession in the same chapter size category unless there is no other qualified candidate. At its discretion the Awards Committee may withhold the award in any size category if there is no qualified candidate.

The narrative award nomination is limited to one page.

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