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Legislative Update Archives

Legislative Update Archives

Legislative Update

The Air Force Association's Legislative Update allows you to have a powerful voice in Washington without ever leaving your desk. The content of the Update focuses on Congress and the military community and provides a means for you to learn about the issues and take action. Check out the most recent issue and search the archives to find out more. We welcome your comments and suggestions to

Latest Updates:

FY2014 Air Force Budget Submission Summary
FY2014 Air Force FYDP Aircraft Buy
Opening Statement of Secretary Donley and Chief of Staff Welsh at HASC AF FY14 Budget Hearing
Retired AF Leaders Write to Congress regarding Sequestration
Sequestration Update—Revised Figures as of January 2013
AFA Summary of the FY 2013 Defense Authorization Bill
TRICARE Amendment Letter
AFA-AUSA-Navy League Sequestration Letter
AFA letter Supporting Easing Veteran Civilian Employment
Letter to Limit TRICARE fee Increases
SASC Personnel Subcommittee Hearing: TRICARE fees
AFA’s letters in support of streamlined CDL procedures for veterans
AFA’s Personnel Policy Agenda for 2012
14 retired Air Force leaders write to key Congressional leaders regarding airpower’s role in facilitating the Department of Defense’s new strategic guidance
Retired Senior AF Leaders Write to the Hill
AFA’s Letter Supporting a Burn Pit Registry
AFA’s Letter to Protect Those Attending Funerals of Veterans
AFA’s Letter to Congress Ensuring Military Pay in Event of Government Shutdown
AFA’s response to CNBC story on cutting military benefits
Progress for Veterans and Military Families
2010 Advocate Brochure
AFA supports The Military Coalition efforts to protect servicemembers from unscrupulous auto deals
Health care reform and the effect on TRICARE and VA benefits
AFA supports extending TRICARE dependant coverage to children up to age 26
AFA supports improved communication between DoD and separated veterans and military retirees
Letter from Senator Kyl
AFA works with The Military Coalition to protect TRICARE beneficiaries access to quality care
AFA and TMC speak out against slow implementation of TRICARE Standard access for ‘Grey Area’ retirees
AFA urges Secretary of State Clinton to rescind a new State Department initiative
President Obama signs the Defense Authorization Bill
House Recognizes Berlin Airlift Success
Letter to Committee Chairman
AFA supports expanding Post 9/11 GI Bill transferability options’
AFA Letters of Support for Personnel Issues
National Health Care and It's Effect on Tricare
DoD Announces Final Rules for Transferability for Post 9/11 GI Bill
Air Force FY10 Unfunded Requirements List
DoD guidance on Post 9/11 GI Bill Transferability
VA Begins Accepting Post 9/11 GI Bill Applications May 1
Next Generation Bomber Funding Letter to President
Final VA Rules Governing Post 9/11 GI Bill Implementation Not Affecting Transferability
Senate Letter On Next Generation Bomber to the President
AFA Supports Letter to the President
Preliminary tuition and fee rates for the new Post 9/11 GI Bill
Reservists may qualify for early retired pay
FY 2009 National Defense Authorization Act and Appropriations Summary
Swearing-In of Secretary of the Air Force Michael Donley
GI Bill Update