Chapter News in Air Force Magazine

Chapter News in Air Force Magazine

To: AFA Field Leaders
From: Adam J. Hebert, Editor in Chief
Date: May 2016

Members frequently ask how to get news of a chapter event into the Wingman section of Air Force Magazine. Here are the basics:

The “Chapter News" section of Wingman, within Air Force Magazine, covers chapter activities.

The magazine point of contact for chapter news is Associate Editor June Kim. Her direct telephone number is 703-247-5829. Her email address is Her mailing address is Air Force Magazine, 1501 Lee Highway, Arlington VA 22209-1190.

Give us basic, factual information about your event. Please don’t expend a great deal of effort on writing. Just provide the basics: Who? What? Where? When? Why? How? We’ll contact you for more details.

We’re looking for a specific and direct link to the AFA chapter, so clearly stating that connection will help us greatly.

If you’re sending a photo of children, please let their parents know that the photo might appear in print or on the Web.

Email photos at the highest resolution possible, one at a time.

We prefer unposed, candid photos showing people in action--not posing for the camera.