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Membership Resource Guides

Membership is a vital task. We can all agree on that. And we can also all agree it can be difficult and frustrating at times. It's hard to find anyone who can explain exactly what you should be doing. And, it's often even harder to find people who have practical ideas and who are also willing to do the work to help you have a successful program.

That's what these Resources are all about. They are designed to help you organize your thoughts and take some of the mystery out of the job -- whether you are new or it seems as if you've been doing membership since even before the Wright Brothers first flew.

Some of this information may seem pretty basic. Then again, it's always worthwhile to review fundamentals. And experience shows that looking at AFA as the Chapter Membership Person means you have to look at things a bit differently.

You will find suggestions for organizing and conducting a membership drive and where to go to get more information and ideas other membership people have used successfully. Please use them.

Guide I – AFA Membership – Explains the "nuts and bolts" of the chapter's membership program. The important aspects of membership – The Mechanics, Retention and Acquisition are explained to provide the necessary background for developing a healthy, growing chapter membership.

Guide II – Organizing and Conducting an AFA Membership Drive – speaks to planning and organizing a successful membership drive. A suggested time schedule is included. Specific details that should be taken into consideration when conducting the drive on an Air Force Base are included in this Guide and are italicized.

Guide III – Understanding the Air Force Association – Contains a variety of information about the Air Force Association that has been found to be useful in previous years. This section provides an excellent summary of the Association's activities and provides background information for all people working with the membership program.

Guide IV – Samples and Other Good Stuff – Following are samples of press releases, a briefing outline, a membership plan and other materials you will find helpful in developing your membership program and conducting the drive.


Chapter Membership Plans  Chapter Mission Statement
AFA Briefing Outline Sample Bulletin Inserts
Sample Memorandum Sample Press Releases
Legislative Flyer Sample Ads
Alamo Chapter Brochure Central Florida Chapter Brochure
Bookmarks What’s In It For Me Brochures
Awards Fact Sheet AFA Membership Application
Logos Membership Renewal Letter
Comments on Community Partners from an Active Duty Member Ten Keys to a Successful Membership Drive
Enid Community Partner Letter 2004 Storz Award Winner Comments