One of the main pillars of our mission at AFA is to SUPPORT the total Air Force Family. We are committed to taking care of Airmen and their families, from legislation on Capitol Hill, to continuing care for Wounded Airmen, help with transitioning to civilian life, education for spouses, awards, educational grants, scholarships and more.

To better serve the U.S. Air Force we offer the following:

Professional Development
AFA is committed to the lifelong success of Airmen and the promotion of widespread educational and professional development opportunities. To accomplish this we offer our award winning Air Force Magazine and "Daily Report" to our readers to receive in-depth stories and breaking news on Air Force issues. We also offer free admission to active duty military, reservists and DOD civilians to AFA's conferences and symposiums. Attendees at these events can network with colleagues, listen to Air Force leadership, industry experts, academia and current aerospace specialists from around the world to discuss the issues and challenges facing America and the aerospace community today. Lastly, you can join your local AFA chapter where opportunities to volunteer and become a leader are endless. 
To learn more please see: Professional Development

K-12 Grants
AFA offers educator grants to provide up to $250 per academic year in support to elementary and secondary classrooms for aerospace education programs, opportunities, and activities when no support is currently available.
To learn more please see:K-12 Grants

AFA offers a variety of scholarships to Air Force active duty, Reserve, Air National Guard, AFROTC, spouses and dependents.
To learn more please see: Scholarships

Each year the Air Force Association honors the outstanding achievements of men and women throughout the United States Air Force, government, academia and the aerospace industry. The Association presents the awards at local AFA chapter and regional forums and during the Air & Space Conference and Technology Exposition in the Washington, D.C, area.
To learn more please see: Awards

Cadet Award Packages
Each year, each detachment, squadron or unit may select one outstanding cadet of the year. The Air Force Association (AFA) is proud to support these accomplished cadets with an award package containing a medal, ribbon and certificate.
To learn more please see: ROTC, CAP and AF JROTC


AFA has more than 200 chapters in the U.S., find the closest chapter to you and join.
To learn more please see: Chapters

Transition Support and Services
AFA supports Airmen and their spouses making the transition from military to civilian life. We are compiling a resource library with opportunities from universities, job centers, mentoring programs and more. To learn more please see: Transition Support and Services

Wounded Airman Program
AFA has partnered with the Air Force Wounded Warrior program (AFW2) to support Airmen through injury, illness, and recovery.  Our members can get involved through fundraising, and adaptive sporting events held across the country. To learn more please see: WAP