Air Force Memorial Advisory Committee

Early in the development of the Air Force Memorial, it was decided that the Air Force Association (AFA) would assume responsibility for the management and upkeep of the Memorial after its completion and dedication. This decision reflected AFA’s initial vision of the need for a Memorial, and their incredible support of the Memorial endeavor from day one. It was therefore clear that AFA would be the appropriate “host” for the management and support of the national Air Force Memorial.  From the outset, AFA and the Memorial also had the unwavering support of the Air Force Sergeants Association (AFSA).

In the final days leading up to the Memorial dedication, the Air Force Memorial Foundation (AFMF) trustees decided to appoint  the officers of the AFMF, along with the senior leadership of AFA and AFSA as a small cadre to insure continuity and corporate knowledge to advise the AFA leadership in the years ahead. This led to the April 2007 formation of the Air Force Memorial Advisory Committee (AFMAC). The Committee’s membership includes the former Chairman and Vice Chairmen of the AFMF, the Chairman and immediate past Chairman of AFA, the President of AFA, and the CEO of the AFSA. The Chairman of AFA may appoint other members to fill vacated spots on the Committee.

The AFMAC meets twice annually, or as needed, to review the happenings at, and status of, the Memorial.  As may be appropriate, the AFMAC provides advice and assistance to the Air Force Association leadership on any actions they may deem appropriate. The AFMAC, as its name implies, is an “advisory” committee only. The current members of the Air Force Memorial Advisory Committee are:

Robert D. Springer, Chairman

Robert Frank

Ross Perot, Jr.

O. R. "Ollie" Crawford

CMSgt Kathleen McCool

Scott Van Cleef
AFA Chairman, Ex Officio

Barbara Taylor
Barbara S. Taylor
Managing Director

Bill Davidson

George Muellner

  Larry O. Spencer
AFA President