Technology Exposition

The Air Force Association’s Annual Air & Space Conference and Technology Exposition is the premier event for those companies who wish to do business with the US Air Force. Air & Space enjoys exceptional visibility among Air Force and DoD leadership as well as international air force attendees and members of congress. The exhibitors at this event run the gamut from military units and government agencies to small businesses and the giants of the defense industry.

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Top shelf attendees expect top shelf speakers and Air & Space delivers just that. The speaker lists for recent events has included the Secretary and Chief of Staff of the Air Force, the Secretary of Defense, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the Secretary of Veterans Affairs.

The Air & Space Technology Exposition provides reasonable as well as meaningful exhibit hours with just over 21 hours of exhibit time spanning three days. 44% of these hours are non-compete hours, including two very popular and well attended receptions.

Exhibiting at an AFA conference is a privilege that is exclusive to AFA Corporate Members. (Government/ Military and documented non-profit / educational institutions are exempt from this requirement). For more on this program or to get started with your Corporate Membership click here.

Open season has begun for booth space sales and applications are being accepted from new and previous exhibitors. The space rate for industry is $47 per square foot ($25 per square foot for government/ military groups) and is sold in 10x10/ 100 square foot increments only. Download and submit your application today.

For additional information on exhibiting at Air & Space contact Dennis Sharland CEM, Manager, Industry Relations and Expositions at or 703-247-5838.