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Air Force Update

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CJCS Joe Dunford Keynote Address

The Third Offset

Today's Air Force, Round table of today's senior leaders


Monday, September 19, 2016

Reinventing the Aerospace Nation
Secretary of the Air Force Deborah Lee James

Air Force Town Hall
SECAF, CSAF, CMSAF and Spouses

Panel: C2 of Multi-Domain Operations - Evolving the CAOC
Maj Gen Thomas Deale, Maj Gen Christopher Weggeman,
Maj Gen James Jones, Jordan Thomas

Panel: Are the Lessons from the Desert Storm Air Campaign Still Relevant?
Lt Gen Dave Deptula, Col John Warden

Panel: B-21
Gen Robin Rand, Lt Gen Arnold Bunch, Randall Walden, Lt Gen Holmes

Lessons from EUCOM
Gen Phil Breedlove

Panel: Vertical Lift
Patrick Donnelly, John Burke, Keith Flail, Samir Mehta

Panel: NATO Air Chiefs
Gen Tod Wolters, Air Chiefs TBD

Panel: Lessons Learned About Logistics
Gen Lester Lyles, Gen Speedy Martin and Gen Ellen Pawlikowski

Panel: Creating Interoperability to Address Threats to Space
Winston Beauchamp, RADM Brian Brown, Air Cdre Gillespie

Panel: Warfighting in A Cyber-Contested Environment
Lt Gen William Bender, Lt Gen John Raymond, Brian Rexroad, Marty Roesch

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Panel: Leading An Air Force
Gen McPeak, Gen Moseley, Gen Dugan, Gen Welch, Gen Ryan

Panel: Partner Building for A Combined Warfight - Planning Perspectives from Riyadh and Washington
Gen Chuck Horner, Gen John Loh

Air Force Reserve
Lt Gen Maryanne Miller

Air Force Update
Gen David Goldfein

Panel: ACC on Target
Gen Hawk Carlisle

Panel: The Air Force Future: What Are We Not Thinking About?
Michael Donley, James Roche, Whit Peters

Panel: Drones - Commercial and Government Innovation
Chris Pehrson (GA), James Gear (L-3), Tom Clancy (Aurora), Kenneth Callicutt

Panel: Technical Workforce Development: The Cyber Challenge
Lt Gen Gina Grosso, Mike King

Resilient by Design, Integrated for the Future Fight
Gen John Hyten

Panel: Agility in Acquistion
Darlene Costello, Jamie Morin, Randy Walden, Lynda Rutledge, Jeff Stanley

Panel: The B-2 Program from Requirements to Operational Execution
Maj Gen Steven Basham, Eric Single, Stephen Sicking, Tony Imondi, Darrell Davis

Panel: Air Force Alternative Strategies
Lt Gen Bob Elder, Dr. Hallion, Dr. Joiner, Dr. Lambeth

Panel: F-35 Reaching IOC
Gen Hawk Carlisle, Lt Gen Christopher Bogdan, Brig Gen Scott Pleus, Col David Lyons

Panel: Developing and Fielding Technologies to the Warfighter
Maj Gen Robert McMurry, James O'Neill (Boeing), James Dorrell (LM), Tom Jones (NGC)

Panel: Perspectives on Nuclear Deterence
Lt Gen Weinstein, Ronald Lehman, Anita Friedt

Panel: Hypersonic Imperative
Maj Gen Curt Bedke, Dr. Mark Lewis


Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Keynote Address
General Joseph Dunford

Taking Care of Airmen from the Ground Up… A Grassroots Effort
CMSAF James A. Cody

The Third Offset
DepSECDEF Robert Work

Our Enlisted Heritage
CMSAFs Eric Benken, James McCoy, Gerald Murray, James Roy, Jim Finch

Chad Hennings

Panel:Today's Air Force -- Senior Leader Perspective
Gen Goldfein, Gen Wilson, Gen Everhart, Gen Hyten, Gen O'Shaughnessy,
Gen Pawlikowski, Gen Rand, Gen Selva, Gen Wolters, Lt Gen Miller,
Lt Gen Rice, Lt Gen Roberson, Lt Gen Webb, CMSAF Cody