Exhibitor Service Center

Everything you need to participate.

Welcome to the Air, Space & Cyber Conference Exhibitor Service Center, your one stop for all services you might need to exhibit.

First, please be aware that AFA works very hard to make sure that the vendors who provide services to our exhibitors are reputable companies who provide great service and value. Despite these efforts there are some companies out there that will do their best to reach out to exhibiting companies and infer that they have a relationship with this event when in fact they do not. They will do this via email, fax and even direct phone calls. To that end AFA has created the "Official Service Provider" seal shown here. This seal will appear on the order forms for all vendors who have an official relationship with the conference. Please note that official vendors have been provided the seal without the "AFA" and "Do Not Copy" watermarks. If you see the seal anywhere other than this page and the watermarks are present, that means the seal has been lifted and poached from this page and is not legitimate.

Does this mean we can't use these other companies ? No, not at all. AFA will never tell you who you can do business with in the context of one of our events; we are all professionals and as such we are all entitled to make those decisions that we feel are the best for our own organizations. However, should you choose to do business with one of these other vendors, you must follow the rules for Exhibitor Appointed Contractors as shown in the exhibitor service kit, and in the event that something doesn't go to plan in dealing with one of these companies, AFA may not be able to help you in resolving it since we have no relationship with them.

Official Service Providers