Display Rules

AFA allows for cubic content usage of 100% of purchased booth space up to the maximum height for a given booth type.

Display Heights - In-line booths – Booths that are in 10x10 linear increments (10x10, 10x20 etc.) maximum height is 8' from the building floor. Perimeter in-line booths may go no higher than 12'. Island Booths – maximum height is 16'.

If you are planning on booth structures that exceed 12' in height to the maximum height of 16' (for island configurations), you MUST notify show management no less than 30 days out from the event so that we can make your neighbors aware and allow them to consider that in their booth design process. This is not a permission/ approval process, simply a notification process.

Second Story Structures: All booth designs that incorporate a second story must be approved by AFA, the facility and the Fire Marshal. AFA will manage the approval process on your behalf. Stamped, approved engineering drawings must me provided.

All hanging signs require prior approval from AFA. Hanging signs are only permitted for booths that are 20x20 or larger. Hanging signs are not permitted for any inline space as their proximity to one another makes it impractical.

The exhibit hall is carpeted; no additional floor covering is required.