AFA Anniversary Art Prints

AFA Commemorates US Air Force History

The Air Force Association presents a limited edition lithograph fine art series illustrating pivotal historical events of the Force and its heritage organizations.

Each print is 18" x 24" and commemorates a different event in the history of the USAF. The paintings, by some of America’s foremost aviation artists, document 15 significant events in America’s defense history.

AFA has reproduced each exceptional painting into limited-edition fine art prints. Each print is numbered and signed by the artist and one or more historical figures associated with the event depicted. The proceeds from the sale of these prints will provide funding to support the AFA mission of promoting a dominant US Air Force.

Art Prints are $25 each with free shipping.

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  “Final Exams”
  Michael Kane
  T-28 Crossing landing threshold with T-33 number one for take off
  Prints signed by: Brigadier General David L. “Tex” Hill


  “Cuban Sightseeing Tour—1962”
  Mike Machat
  Cuban Missile Crisis: RF-101 over Missile site
  Prints signed by: Lieutenant Colonel Clyde B. East, Colonel Joe M. O’Grady


  “Into the Wild Blue Yonder”
  Jay Ashurst
  Early years of the Space Program
  Prints signed by: Brigadier General Charles M. Duke Jr.


  “Olds Flight”
  Roy Grinnell
  F-4 Phantom in air-to-air combat in South East Asia
  Prints signed by: Colonel Chuck DeBellevue, Colonel John Madden


  “Thud Ridge”
  Jim Laurier
  F-150D Thunderchief in South East Asia
  Prints signed by:General Charles A. Horner, Colonel Leo K. Thorsness, Lieutenant Colonel Gene Smith


  “Not Today”
  Bill Farnsworth
  Helicopter search and rescue in South East Asia
  Signed by: Colonel James Flemming, Randolph Harrison, Ancel C. “Sonny” Franks


  “Sting of the Black Viper”
  Rick Herter
  F-16 over Bosnia
  Signed by: Major Robert Wright, Harry Hillaker, Phil Oestricher


  “A COMET Over Washington”
  Gerry Asher
  P-80s of 1947-48
  Signed by: General Bruce K. Holloway, Brigadier General Robin Olds, Colonel Phillip Loofbourrow


  “Silver King at the Pump”
  Robert Watts
  KC-97 refueling RB-47H
  Signed by: General Russell E. Dougherty, Colonel William Lawley, Robert Robbins, Robert Watts


  “Break at the Numbers”
  Gerald Asher
  George AFB F-100s in formation
  Signed by: Brigadier General Chuck Yeager, Major General Joe Engle




  “Combat Lancer”
  Jack Fellows
  F-111 in combat over South East Asia
  Signed by: Colonel Ivan Dethman, Rick Mattias


  “Duty Calls”
  Michael Kane
  C-17 Globemaster III Flying relief missions into Bosnia
  Signed by General Ronald Fogleman, USAF (Ret.), General H.T, Johnson


  “Once a Tiger, Always a Tiger”
  Roy Grinnell
  A-10s in tank battle during the Gulf War
  Signed by: Captain Eric Salomonson, Captain John Marks


  “Staying Power—Berlin Airlift 1948-49”
  Gil Cohen
  Berlin Airlift C-54s
  Signed by: Colonel Gail Halvorsen