Monday, September 16, 2019


Keynote Address 
Sir Richard Branson
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Awards Ceremony

State of the Force
The Honorable Matthew Donovan
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Faster, Smarter, Bolder…
Dr. Will Roper
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Panel: Building Enlisted Leaders
Air National Guard CCM: CMSgt Ronald Anderson, CMSgt Anthony Johnson;
Career Field Manager (Aircraft Systems): CMSgt Dong Kim;
Chief’s Group: CMSgt Kim Vinson

Panel: Mosaic Warfare
Brig Gen S. Clinton Hinote, 
Lt Col Dan Javorsec,
Heather Penney,
Lt Gen Bill Bender, USAF (Ret), 

Global Strike -- The Critical Competitive Edge
Gen Timothy Ray
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Panel: The Competitive Edge Only Small Business Can Deliver
Ryan Smith, President and CEO, IMSAR LLC
Ulick McEvaddy, Founder and Director, Omega Air
Brian Romansky, CTO, Owl Cyber Defense  

Panel: Civilian Profressional Development
Mr. Tim Bridges, Mr. John Fedrigo, Ms Lynda Rutledge


Panel: Demystifying Multi-Domain Command and Control
Brig Gen David J. Kumashiro
Preston Dunlap
Chris Brose
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Panel: Improving the Warfighter and Industry Partnership
Maj Gen Robert F. Behler, USAF (Ret), Director of Operational Test and Evaluation, DOD
Lt Gen Wendy Masiello, USAF (Ret)
Lt Gen Duke Richardson, SAF/AQ
Roger Krone, Chairman & CEO, Leidos

Panel: Family Resilience
MSgt Craig Dicks
Lt Col Daniel Wester
Mrs. Chelsey Mastalski
Gold Star Spouse Linda Ambard
Natasha Williams
Katelyn Tinsley

Air Force Update
General David Goldfein
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Panel: The Threat and the Strategy
VCSAF Gen Wilson
Mr. Elbridge Colby
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Panel: Book Discussion: Perspectives on Leadership
Former Air Force Secretary Deborah Lee James "Aim High: Chart Your Course and Find Success" 
Maj Gen Don Sheppard (Ret) "Bury Us Upside Down"

Panel: Healing Arts Therapy
Abigail Selby, Melissa S. Walker, Allison F. Winters Fisher, PhD,
BJ Lange, Wesley Geer,

Air Force Town Hall
The Honorable Matthew Donovan
General Goldfein, Mrs. Goldfein,
CMSAF Wright, Mrs. Wright
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Space Power: Warfighting in Space to Win on Earth
Gen John W. "Jay" Raymond
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Panel: Expanding the Competitive Airlift Edge
Gen Maryanne Miller, Sarah Rhoads, Dee L. Mewbourne 
Maj. Gen. Mark Camerer, David L. Lange, Jr. 

Panel: Maritime Strike
Lt Gen Dave Deptula, Don Drechsier, Chris Pehrson,  Lt Gen Thomas Bussiere


Address from the Secretary of Defense
The Honorable Mark Esper
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Connecting Airman To The Fight: Leading with Purpose
Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force Kaleth Wright
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Panel: Cyber Effects in the MDO Environment
A2/6, VADM Myers, Mr. Wallace (J3), Dr. Singer, Mr. Chris Dougherty,
Maj Gen Mary O'Brien (25AF), Brig Gen Tim Haugh (CYBERCOM), 
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Panel: Expanding our Competitive Edge
General Arnold Bunch, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman

Panel: Forward Power Projection in the 21st Century
General James Holmes, General Jeffrey Harrigian, General Charles Q. Brown, Lt Gen Slife, Lt Gen Richard Scobee
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First Sergant Panel: Taking Care of the Force
CMSgt Nathaniel Perry, SMSgt Latonia Booze, MSgt Emily Mandarich, MSgt Shaun Spencer, 

Panel: Air Force Talent Management Update
Lt Gen Brian T. Kelly, Deputy Chief of Staff for Manpower, Personnel and Services
Col Jason B. Lamb, Director of Intelligence, Analysis, and Innovation, Headquarters, Air Education and Training Command
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Panel: Using the Competitive Edge to Train How We Fight
Lt. Gen. Marshall B. "Brad" Webb, Commander, Air Education and Training Command
Lt Gen L. Scott Rice, Director, Air National Guard
Lt. Gen. Richard W. Scobee, Chief of Air Force Reserve, Headquarters U.S. Air Force and Commander, Air Force Reserve Command

Panel: Toward Future Air Force Warfighting…
Col. Parker H. Wright, Commander National Air and Space Intelligence Center
Mark Gunzinger, Director for Government Programs and Wargaming, The Mitchell Institute
Lt. Gen. Thomas A. Bussiere
Maj Gen Michael A. Fantini, Director, Air Force Warfighting Integration Capability