2017 Air, Space & Cyber Conference

SEPTEMBER 18 - 20, 2017

National Harbor, MD

More than 9,000 attendees were treated to three days of informative speaker sessions and 138 exhibitor booths. If you missed the conference, you can find audio and video files below, view photos, and read in-depth coverage by Air Force Magazine

State of the Force
Secretary of the Air Force Heather Wilson

Air Force Town Hall
SECAF, CSAF, CMSAF and Spouses

Breaking the Logistics Barrier
Gen Ellen Pawlikowski

Panel: Acquisition Affordability Challenges
Vice Admiral Mathias Winter, Brig Gen Donna Shipton, Randall Walden

Panel: Strategic Modernization (GBSD) 
Maj Gen Roger Burg, Gen Rand, and Maj Gen Cotton, Carol Erikson, Frank McCall

Panel: Invisible Wounds
Maj Gen Kimberly Crider, Lt Col Jileene Vivians, Joshua Smith, Mitchell Keiffer, Raymond Crawford

Panel: The Future of Big Wing ISR
Lt Gen Jamieson, Col Geoffrey Weiss, James Eisenhart, John Clark, CR Davis

Panel: Cybersecurity, National Security Implications
Lt Gen Kwast, Lani Kass

Empowering Military Spouses
Brittany Boccher

Crushing ISIS - Airpower Operations in a Complex Battlespace
Lt Gen Jeffrey Harrigian


Panel: Breaking the Gender Barrier
Gen Lori Robinson, Gen Janet Wolfenbarger, Brig Gen Jeannie Leavitt, CMSgt Shelina Frey, Essye Miller, Heather Penney

Air Force Update
Gen David Goldfein

Panel: Air Force Capability Development
Gen Wilson, Gen Pawlikowski, Lt Gen Bunch, Lt Gen Harris, Jack Blackhurst

Continuum of Learning
Lt Gen Darryl Roberson

Panel: Nuclear Deterrence 
Lt Gen Jack Weinstein, Josh Pollak, Dr. Tom Karako

Panel: Defending the Newest Frontier - Breaking the Cyber Barrier
Adm Rodgers, Gen Hayden

Panel: Basing for Attack, Where Do We Go? 
Gen O'Shaughnessy and Gen Wolters

Panel: Leading An Air Force 
Gen Welch, Gen McPeak, Gen Fogleman, Gen Ryan, Gen Schwartz

Panel: Breaking Barriers in Space Operations
Brig Gen Chance Saltzman, Maj Gen Santee, Lars Hoffman, Chris Long

Panel: Space as a Warfighting Domain
Gen John Raymond, Andrew Cox, Col Todd Moore, Col Jennifer Grant, Col David Miller

Panel: Total Force
Lt Gen Scott Rice, Lt Gen Maryanne Miller, Lt Gen Jerry Harris

Panel: The Operational Evolution of Stealth 
Harry Foster, Lt Col Pfuger, Lt Col Ihde, and Col Gallo, Dr. Edwin Redmond

Panel: Long Range Strike Operations - Libya 
Brig Gen John Nichols, Maj Christopher Conant, SMSgt Matthew Mullins, MSgt Travis Gatchell, SSgt Bryan Nixon

Keynote Address
The Honorable James Mattis

Taking Care of Airmen from the Ground Up… A Grassroots Effort
CMSAF Kalteth O. Wright

Panel: Rotary Wing Aircraft
Steve Mathias, David Koopersmith, Chris Van Buiten

The Joint Senior Enlisted Perspective
CSM John Troxell

AFA's Tribute to the 50th Anniversary of the CMSAF - Panel: 50th Anniversary of the CMSAF
CMSAF Benken, CMSAF Finch, CMSAF Murray, CMSAF Roy, CMSAF Cody

Panel: The Joint Perspective - Air Force COCOM Commanders
Gen Hyten, Gen McDew, Gen Robinson, Lt Gen Brown