Legislative Update

AFA’s Government Relations team is a constant presence on Capitol Hill. They work to educate congressional leaders on various Air Force issues, advocating AFA’s position on key issues effecting national security. They regularly host Congressional outreach programs, including briefings and targeted meetings, reaching hundreds of Congressional staffers and members. They also work with other Military Coalition organizations to bring issues and challenges facing US service members to the attention of lawmakers. 

Below are a list of AFA's latest legislative actions: 


VA Expands Disability Benefits for C-123 Reservists

DOD Supports Changes to Military Retirement 

AFA has joined with the Reserve Officer Association, National Guard Association of the United States, and Enlisted National Guard Association of the United States in support of Senate Amendment 1723  to the FY16 NDAA, sponsored by Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX).
AFA signs joint letter with military and veterans associations to 
House Armed Services Committee and Senate Armed Services Committee supporting military retirement reform. Background information can be found here

FY15 Senate Armed Services Committee National Defense Authorization Act

FY15 House Armed Services Committee National Defense Authorization Act

AFA supports the Desert Storm Memorial

AFA's prepared testimony to the Senate Armed Services Committee on Military Compensation

AFA's testimony to the Personnel Subcommittee of the Senate Armed Services Committee

AFA joins with the Military Coalition in advocating to repeal COLA decrease provision

AFA joins with the Association of the US Army and the Association of the US Navy in a letter on Sequestration.

AFA Councils--Enlisted, CGO, Reserve and ANG--met at AFA's Air and Space Symposium to discuss top issues.

AFA Letter to SASC on UCMJ

FY2014 Air Force FYDP Aircraft Buy

Opening Statementof Secretary Donley and Chief of Staff Welsh at HASC AF FY14 Budget Hearing

July Fly In Talking Points