As a current corporate member, how do I sign up for the new program?

Current corporate members may sign up for the new corporate program at any time by paying the $500 difference for the corporate level and the $5,500 difference for the premium corporate level. 

Current members also have an option to pay the full amount for the new corporate program and receive the time remaining on their current membership at end of the new membership period.

To get started complete the online form found here: https://secure.afa.org/joinafa/becomecorpmember.aspx 

I’m a current corporate member. May I sign up for the new program at the end of my current term?

Yes, current members can remain on their current term and receive all of the benefits of the new corporate program starting right away, except they will not receive the benefits on advertising credit and free event registration for exhibitors until they sign up for the new corporate program.

Do I have to use all of the individual memberships that I receive with my membership?

No, you may use as many or few as you wish.

Does a member of our staff need to be present at the AFA Air Force Breakfast Series and AFA Air Attache Reception if we are displaying tabletop literature?

Yes, someone from the corporate member company  must be presented in order to display tabletop literature at these events.

What happens when I sign up for the AFA Corporate Membership program? How do I receive benefits and information?

Shortly after signing up as a member, a An AFA staff person will email you with information about your benefits and contact information.  

Who may I bring as a guest to the AFA Air Force Breakfast Series and AFA Air Attache Reception?

These are AFA-sponsored events for professional networking and knowledge sharing. We ask that guests be professional clients, contacts and colleague, especially those interested in learning about AFA.

How are the $2,000 and $500 advertising credits calculated?

The $2,000 and $500 advertising credits are based on current published non-discounted advertising rates.