Air Power Advocates

The Air Power Advocates (APA) is a group of AFA members who are strongly interested in the future of air power and our United States Air Force. The APA is a grassroots effort that reaches out to the public and key stakeholders in communities across the country in order to effectively communicate the important role that our Airmen play in supporting our nation’s global defense strategies. APA members receive daily emails from AFA National that include air power related news articles, and other documents pertaining to air power advocacy. This community exists to keep APA members updated and to provide them with an environment for discussion.



APA Schedule

Date: February 16, 2016

Time: 1:30 PM EST

Speaker: Lt Gen William Bender, Chief, Information Dominance and Chief Information Officer

If you would like to participate on the call please contact Chet Curtis

*The APA Program is only open to AFA Members, and APA members must be committed to promoting air power in their local communities.