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 Question Answer
 I wanna join USAF is there any way I can get more info about what USAF is about? #AskAFA                                                            There are several different avenues to take when considering the #USAF. You could join as an officer or as an enlisted member, each with different requirements. You'll find lots of information and career paths on this website: Thanks for participating and good luck!
 Is there any form of college assistance for a grandchild of an AFA Member and Air Force Retiree?   Thank you for participating in #AskAFA. Unfortunately, AFA does not have a scholarship for grandchildren of AFA members or Air Force retirees. It might be beneficial to ask the applicable university’s veteran’s office for military friendly scholarships. Most military scholarships, however, do not include grandchildren. AFA’s current scholarship page can be found here: If we may be of assistance in the future, please do not hesitate to contact us. 
 I would like information about the dental plans AFA offers.   Thank you very much for your interest in AFA's Dental Plans. We have two types of dental plans: 1. Dental Insurance. AFA has a group dental insurance policy with Metlife. Premiums are based on type of coverage you select, and the area you live. Full details and an enrollment form are at 2. Dental discount network. This is not insurance, but rather, participating dentists provide a discount from their normal pricing. Cost is $9.95 per month and you can try it free for 30 days. I recently saved $1,000 on a root canal, so found this to be quite valuable. Please visit for details, your 30 day free trial and to search participating dentists in your area. Or call 866-481-6289 and let them know you're an AFA member. Please let me know if I may be of any further assistance.
 As a junior-enlisted airman or NCO currently serving in the Total Force Air Force, what does AFA do for me and my peers? I'm aware of all the Air Force Sergeant's Association has done to protect my career and livelihood, both locally at my installation and on the Hill -- yet I have no idea what AFA has done. So can you possibly explain to me what AFA does for me, why as a junior-enlisted troop I should join, and why I should be pressing my peers to commit hard-earned money to an organization we know nothing about? Thank you for participating in #AskAFA and more importantly for what you do for the USAF and our country.  You asked some very important questions of us and we appreciate the opportunity to discuss these issues further.  

Our association is dedicated to supporting the USAF, Airmen and their families. To do this, AFA manages programs, such as our Wounded Airmen program that is part of AFA’s Airmen and Families support initiative.  AFA offers numerous educational opportunities (consider our annual conferences and monthly USAF breakfast sessions) and provides thousands of dollars in scholarships each year to airmen, civilians and dependents.  Additionally, AFA advocates for the Total Air Force on Capitol Hill and is highly regarded by Congress, as we play a key role in influencing decisions affecting the USAF. If you would like a more detailed list of our accomplishments, take a look here.

AFA leadership is frequently asked to attend round table meetings with the Secretary of Defense on a number of issues, including suicide prevention.  Just last week, we participated in an OSD Conference prior to the annual release of the DoD Suicide Event Report (DoDSER) for Calendar Year 2013.   During this call we were able to ask questions and hear the concerns of all the veteran organizations who participated.  We will continue to advocate for our military members get the medical treatment they need to live an active and productive life.  We are very much part of the conversation and remain committed to prioritizing the health of every Airman.  We firmly believe that veterans and servicemembers must be provided expedient, quality healthcare to those suffering from physical injury but also from unseen wounds like PTSD.  

Whether you are an officer or enlisted, veteran or active duty – we are working hard to ensure that you are taken care of now and in the future.  The average age of our member is 67 and those members are very important to us.  However, you are not only the future of our organization, but the future of our Air Force, and we want to be certain that we are doing everything we can to provide you sound reason to be a proud member of AFA. 

Please visit to keep up to date on all AFA events, programs and member benefits.
 Do you know how long the Tech School is for Crew Chiefs on the F-15? I can't find an exact number.  There are different engines/models of the F-15 you will always see it as a range of dates. From the Airmen's guide: TECH SCHOOL at Sheppard AFB then specific aircraft follow-on training SHREDS: E: A-10/U2 L:F-15 M:F-16. 3/3 3/3 1. Follow-on training after initial tech school period for selected shreds. Additional training after completing AMFC
 How much is drafting pay?
 Currently, there is no draft. If you are interested in viewing the current pay charts for Officer and Enlisted servicemembers, please click the links below. Officer: Enlisted: We hope this is helpful for you. If you have any additional questions or would like further clarification, please don’t hesitate to contact us.