David C. Schilling Award Recipients


List of David C. Schilling Award Recipients*

1948 Herbert H. Hoover
National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics (NACA) Test Pilot

1949 Bill Odom
Private Pilot

1950 Captain James Jabara
World's First Jet Ace

1951 Brigadier General Albert Boyd
Commanding General, Edwards AFB, CA

1952 Colonel David C. Schilling
U.S. Air Force

1953 Third Air Rescue Group,
Military Air Transport Service (MATS)

1954 Major Charles E. Yeager
U.S. Air Force

1955 Major Stuart Childs, U.S. Air Force &
George Welch (Posthumously)

1955 Lieutenant Colonel Frank K. Everest
U.S. Air Force

1957 Colonel Patrick D. Fleming
U.S. Air Force (Posthumously)

1958 Captain Iven C. Kincheloe
U.S. Air Force (Posthumously)

1959 Tactical Air Command

1960 Lieutenant General Elwood R. Quesada
Federal Aviation Administration Administrator

1961 Major Robert M. White, U.S. Air Force;
A. Scott Crossfield, North American Aviation,
Inc.;& Joseph A. Walker, NASA - X-15 Project

1962 Major Robert M. White, U.S. Air Force
America's "First Winged Astronaut"

1963 Major L. Gordon Cooper, Jr.,
Mercury Astronaut

1964 Major Sidney J. Kubesch
B-58 Pilot

1965 Colonel Frank Borman
Gemini 7 Command Pilot

1966 Major Hallett P. Marston
15th Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron

1967 Colonel Robin Olds
U.S. Air Force

1968 Captain Albert R. Kaiser
U.S. Air Force

1969 No Convention

1969 Major James M. Rhodes, Jr.
U.S. Air Force

1970 Colonel David R. Scott, Colonel James B. Irwin,
Lieutenant Colonel Alfred M. Worden--Apollo 15 Crew

1971 1st Strategic Reconnaissance. Squadron
Strategic Air Command

1972 17th Air Division, 8th Air Force
Strategic Air Command

1973 Military Airlift Command

1975 Major George B. Stokes
41st Reconnaissance Weather Rescue Wing
McClellan AFB, CA

1976 Captain Donald R. Backlund
1551st Flying Training. Squadron., Kirtland AFB, &
Captain Roland W. Purser
Headquarters Aerospace Rescue and Recovery Service
Scott AFB, IL

1977 4440th Tactical Fighter Group,
Nellis AFB, NV

1978 Astronauts Colonel Joe H. Engle, U.S. Air Force
Colonel C. Gordon Fullerton, U.S. Air Force;
Fred Haise, Jr. & Commander Richard Truly, U.S. Navy

1979 Major Dennis R. Mangum
Tactical Air Command

1980 Captain Rondal G. Hahn
71st Aerospace Rescue and Recovery Squadron
Elmendorf AFB, AK

1981 347th Tactical Fighter Wing
Moody AFB, GA

1982 24th Strategic Reconnaissance Squadron
Eielson AFB, AK

1983 Major Robert S. Frank, U.S. Air Force
Air Test & Evaluation Squadron 4 and
Major Frank B. Gray, U.S. Air Force, 6510th
Test Wing, Edwards AFB, CA

1984 Lieutenant Colonel James D. Latham
16thTFS, Hill AFB, Utah

1983 Captain Bruce McCandless II
U.S. Navy, NASA Manned Maneuvering Unit
Houston, Texas

1986 The "Eldorado Canyon" Task Force
Accepted by Colonel Lynn Berringer
Commander, 306 SW, RAF Mildenhall
and Lieutenant Colonel Paul Fazackerley
Vice Commander, 48th TMW
RAF Lakenheath, England

1987 The United States Air Force
(40th Anniversary)
Accepted by General Larry D.
Welch, Chief of Staff

1988 Strategic Air Command Alert Force

1989 4450th Tactical Group
Nellis AFB, NV

1990 United States Air Force Air
Operations -- "Just Cause"

1991 Air Force Men & Women of
Operations Desert Shield/Desert Storm

1992 Space Shuttle Endeavour Crew

1993 Major Murrell F. Stinnette
Rhein-Main AB, Germany

1994 U.S. Air Forces in Europe

1995 The C-17 Air Force/Industrial Team
Accepted by General Ronald R. Fogleman,
U.S. Air Force Chief of Staff &
Harry Stonecipher, McDonnell
Douglas Corporation, St. Louis, MO

1996 9th Bomb Squadron
Dyess AFB, Texas

1997 Air Mobility Command
Scott AFB, IL
Accepted by General Walter Kross

1998 Bat 10 Flight, 437th Airlift Wing
Charleston AFB, SC
Accepted by Lieutenant Colonel Fred Cianciolo
U.S. Air Force

1999 509th Bomb Wing
Whiteman AFB, MO

2000 31st Air Expeditionary Wing
Aviano AB, Italy

2001 Lieutenant Colonel David M. Nelson
Edwards AFB, CA

2002 Sydney Gillibrand, Chair AMEC plc, London
Jerry Morgensen, President & CEO Hensel Phelps, CO

2003 The Men and Women of the United States Air Force

2004 41st Rescue Squadron
Moody Air Force Base, Ga.

2005 99th Reconnaissance Squadron 9th Operations Group
9th Reconnaissance Wing

2006 354th Fighter Squadron
Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, Ariz.

2007 - 17th Airlift Squadron
Charleston AFB, SC

2008 - 906th Air Refueling Squadron
Grand Forks AFB, N.D.

2009 - U.S. Air Forces Central

2010 - Battlefield Airmen and Security Forces

2011 - The United States Air Force’s Aeromedical Evacuation Teams

2012 - The Advanced Extremely High Frequency Satellite Rescue Team
Military Satellite Communications (MILSATCOM) Systems Directorate
Los Angeles AFB, California

2013 - 93rd Air Refueling Squadron
Fairchild AFB, Washington

2014 - 319th Special Operations Squadron
Hurlburt Field, Florida

*Originally named the Flight Trophy, but was renamed in 1957 in honor of Colonel Schilling.