Theodore von Karman Award Recipients

List of Theodore von Karman Award Recipients

1948 John Stack
National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics (NACA) Designer

1949 R. C. Sebold, R.H. Widmer
& Ray O. Ryan; Contributors to the development of the B-36

1950 Dr. Theodore von Karman
Chairman, Scientific Advisory
Board, U.S. Air Force

1951 Dr. George E. Valley
Department of Physics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

1952 Dr. Edward Teller
Radiation Laboratory, University of California

1953 Dr. Melvin J. Kelly
Bell Telephone Laboratories

1954 Lieutenant Colonel John Paul Stapp
U.S. Air Force

1955 Dr. John F. von Neumann
Atomic Energy Commission

1956 Dr. Chalmers W. Sherwin
University of Illinois

1957 Dr. Charles Stark Draper
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

1957 Dr. H. Julian Allen
Ames Aeronautical Laboratory

1959 Dr. W. Randolph Lovelace, II, &
Brigadier General Don D. Flickinger
U.S. Air Force

1960 Dr. Louis N. Ridenour, Jr.
Lockheed Corporation (posthumously)

1961 Allen F. Donovan
Aerospace. Corporation.

1962 Dr. Charles H. Townes
Provost, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

1963 Clarence L. "Kelly Johnson,
Lockheed Corporation

1964 Lockheed Corporation

1965 Captain Robert M. Silva
U.S. Air Force

1966 6555th Aerospace Test Wing
Air Force Systems Command

1967 Colonel Alterio Gallerani,
Aeros. Visual Service

1968 Lieutenant Colonel Harry F. Rizzo
U.S. Air Force

1969 No Convention

1970 Major General Kenneth F. Schultz
Deputy for Minutemen, Air Force Space and Missile Systems Organization (SAMSO)
AFS, Los Angeles, CA

1971 Fred D. Orazio, Sr.
Scientific Director, Aeronautical. Systems Division

1972 Lieutenant Colonel Donald G. Carpenter
U. S. Air Force for advancing U.S. space defense capabilities

1973 Lieutenant Colonel Roy Robinette, Jr.
U.S. Air Force (Retired)

1974 U.S. Air Force's Space & Missile Systems Organization (SAMO)

1975 U.S. Air Force/Industry Team
Represented by original System Program Director,
Major General Kendall Russell,
current Systems Director Brigadier General Lawrence A. Skantze;
& Boeing Aerospace Company's Mark K. Miller

1976 National Aeronautics and Space Administration/Industry Team
represented by NASA Viking team leader James S. Martin, Jr.,
& Martin Marietta Corporation's Thomas G.Pownall

1977 John B. Walsh
Deputy Director,Strategic Space Systems

1978 Brigadier General Donald L. Lamberson
Deputy for Development & Acquisition,
Armament Development & Test Center

1979 General Alton D. Slay,
Commander, Air Force Systems Command
Andrews AFB, MD

1980 Captain Randal L. Richey

1981 Dr. Hans Mark
Deputy Administrator, NASA
Washington, D.C.

1982 Aeronautical Systems Division
Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio

1983 Space Division, Air Force Systems Command
Los Angeles AFS, CA

1984 Major General Aloysiys B. Casey
Ballistic Missile Office, Norton AFB, CA

1985 Major Henry L. Pugh, Jr.
Air Command & Staff College
Maxwell AFB, AL

1986 Lieutenant General Thomas H. McMullen
U.S. Air Force Retired, past commander Aeronautical. Systems Division
Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio

1987 Advanced Fighter Tech.
Integration/F-16 Program Team
Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio

1988 Mr. Bernard Louis Koff
Pratt & Whitney, FL

1989 Dr. Robert W. Selden
Chief Scientist of the U.S. Air Force

1990 B-2 Test Team: Major General Richard M. Scofield,
Program Director for B-2; and Oliver C. Boileau,
President & General Manager, Northrop Corp - B-2 Division

1991 JSTARS Air Force/Industry Team, Hanscom AFB, MA
Colonel Harry Heimple, Hanscom AFB, MA;
Martin E. Dandridge, Grumman Corp;
Kenneth H. Meinelt, Norden Systems Inc., UTC;
and Erling E. Rasmussen, Motorola, Inc.

1992 USAF Ballistic Missile Organization
Air Force Materiel Command

1993 General Robert T. Marsh, U.S. Air Force (Retired)
AFA Science &Technology Committee

1994 B-2 System Program Office
Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio

1995 Major General Kenneth R. Israel
Headquarters U.S. Air Force

1996 Gene H. McCall, Ph. D.
Chairman, U.S. Air Force Scientific
Advisory Board, Washington., D.C.

1997 Lieutenant General George K. Muellner
Deputy Assistant Secretary of Air Force for Acquisition,
Washington, D. C.

1998 Arthur L. Money
Former Assistant Secretary of Air Force for Acquisition,
Washington. D.C.

1999 Air Force Research Laboratory

2000 Air Force Weather Agency
Offutt AFB, NE

2001 HAVE CSAR Team
Schriever AFB, CO

2002 Air Force Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance UAV Team
The Pentagon,Washington, DC

2003 823rd Red Horse Squadron
Hurlburt Field, Fla.

2004 Lt. Gen. Ronald T. Kadish
Director, Missile Defense Agency

2005 Team of Maj Michael D. Eliason and Maj Eric J. Trychon

2006 Integrated Avionics Test Facility Team
Detachment 2, 28th Test Squadron
Tyndall Air Force Base, Fla.

2007 Major Steven M. Ross
Air Force Institute of Technology

2008 - The Mitre Corporation
Accepted by Robert F. Behler, Maj Gen, USAF (Ret)
Senior Vice President

2009 - Laser Joint Direct Attack Munition Team
Eglin AFB, Florida

2010 - Airborne Laser Test Bed

2011 - Air Force Research Laboratory for Alternative Fuels

2012 - 24th Air Force
Lackland AFB, Texas

2013 - The Aerospace Corporation
Los Angeles, California

2014 - The Counter-IED Team
Hanscom AFB, MA