2017 Chapter Teacher of the Year Award Winners

First Name                                   Last Name                                       Chapter Name

JoAnn Schapp David C. Jones Chapter
Douglas Anderson Robert H. Goddard Chapter
Vern Andrews Maj Gen Edward FryChapter
Xela Arnold Northern UtahChapter
Chelsey Arnone Cheyenne Cowboy Chapter
Carah Barbarick Lance P SijanChapter
Benjamin Barkey L.D. Bell Museum Chapter
Scott Bates Eglin Chapter
Kathy Biernat Billy Mitchell Chapter
Reagan Boeset Northeast IowaChapter
Nicole Bollerman MinutemanChapter
Cheryl Bougher Fort DodgeChapter
Randy Brinkley Roanoke Chapter
Shayla Broadway Montgomery Chapter
Leslie Brommer Everett R CookChapter
Heather Ann Brown KeystoneChapter
Kevin Buchanan Mel HarmonChapter
Teresa Butterfield Chicagoland/O'Hare Chapter
Timothy Byrne Red Tail MemorialChapter
Frank Cappuccio Shooting StarChapter
Diane Chambers Scott MemorialChapter
Luke Chanley Southern Indiana Chapter
Bruce Charbonneau Northeast TexasChapter
Zondra Clayton Bud WestChapter
Randall Coffman Altus Chapter
Traci Cohen Gold CoastChapter
Samuel Consagra Genesee Valley Chapter
Donna Cook AltusChapter
Jim Crawford Chattanooga Chapter
Melayne Daniel Concho Chapter
Christina DePew Fort Wayne Chapter
John Devine McChord Field Chapter
Mark Dewart Indianapolis Chapter
Rachael Domer Gen. Charles A Gabriel Chapter
Chasity Collier South Alabama Chapter
James "Doug" Couch Wright Memorial Chapter
Casey Wigginton Tennessee Valley Chapter
Ken Robinson Ramstein Chapter
Michael Heise John C. Stennis Chapter
Spencer Kiper Ark La Tex Chapter
Marti Pulido Meridian Chapter
Julie Sicks-Panus Thyng Chapter
Sara  Quintana Thunderbird Chapter
John Musso Mel Harmon Chapter
Katie Hammond Lincoln Chapter
Leslie Brommer Everett R. Cook Chapter
Carolyn Petrina Langley Chapter
Millibeth Currie Charleston Chapter
David Herring Tucson Chapter
Brenda Kilmurray Cochise Chapter
Ashley Doster Fort Dodge Chapter
L. Thomas Brown Mile High Chapter
Kyle O'Neill Shooting Star Chapter
Nicole Story Seidel Chapter
Joseph  Amaro San Diego Chapter
Adam  Johnston Keystone Chapter
Lisa Giacomelli Cape Fear Chapter
Christopher Grijalva Ute Rocky Mountain Chapter
William Tatomer Salt Lake City Chapter
Trisha Glenn Northern Utah Chapter
Scarlett Brock Hurlburt Chapter
Logan  Newman Genessee Valley Chapter
Maureen Parker Paul Revere Chapter
Lauren  Davis Montgomery Chapter
Curtis Kelley Maj Gen Edward Fry Chapter
Deena Morley Altus Chapter
Robert Arscott Chicagoland O'Hare Chapter
Chris Zawislak McChord Field Chapter
John Wehust Waterman Twinning Chapter
Stephanie Biza Pioneer Valley Chapter
Victoria Wilson Fort Wayne Chapter
Luke Ferland Long Island Chapter
Emily Badman Northern Shenandoah Chapter
Christian  Kaneen Columbia Gorge Chapter
Maryanne Tirinnanzi Keystone Chapter
Melanie  Mundell Brig.Gen Bill Spruance Chapter