National Teacher of the Year Award Winners

National Teacher of the Year Award Winners

2015 Mark Westlake of Mendota Heights, MN

2014 Kaci Heins
of Flagstaff, Arizona

2013 Margaret Spigner
of Charleston, South Carolina

2012 Lori Bradner of Lakeland, Florida

2011 Nancy Hoover of Chesterfield, Virginia

2010 Allen Robnett of Gallatin, Tennessee

2009 William L. Austin of Sumter, South Carolina

2008 Leo Murphy of Fort Walton Beach, Florida

2007 Jennifer Sinsel of Andover, Kansas

2006 Susan Rippe of Olathe, Kansas

2005 Patrick A. Welsh of Central, South Carolina

2004 Daniel Caron of Melvin Village, NH

2003 Sally Gwaltney of Wilson, North Carolina

2002 Colonel Jack D. Howell, II, USMC (Ret.) of Palm Coast, Florida

2001 Christy Garvin of Powder Springs, Georgia

2000 Melinda Kelley of Chester, Virginia

1999 Sandra Armstrong of Abbeville, Alabama

1998 Sheila Williams of Crawford, Mississippi

1997 Steven A. Bachmeyer of Homestead, Florida

1996 Susan L. Roche of Vernon, New Jersey

1995 Barbara Walters-Phillips of Winter Park, Florida

1994 Carol Denicole of Winter Park, Florida

1993 Dr. Joseph Edmond Ciotti of Honolulu, Hawaii

1992 Arthur I. Kimura of Hilo, Hawaii

1991 Melba Iris Harris of Fort Payne, Alabama

1990 Sue Ellen Darnell of Frankfurt, Kentucky

1989 Dr. Ben P. Millspaugh of Littleton, Colorado

1988 John W. Barainca of Sandy, Utah

1987 Betty Ann Mosen of Portland, Oregon

1986 Allen T. King of Fort Wayne, Indiana

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