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Air Force Museum Foundation Partnership

The Air Force Association (AFA) and the Air Force Museum Foundation (AFMF) are excited to offer reciprocal new memberships at a discounted rate.  Current AFA members will receive $10 off a NEW membership to AFMF's Friends of the National Museum of the U.S. Air Force program.

Both AFA and AFMF extensively promote aerospace power and aviation history, and have partnered to benefit their members and others interested in the US Air Force and its heritage.  Each organization has made significant efforts to engage the public in honoring Airmen and Air Force heritage. For more than 50 years, AFMF has offered its Friends membership as a way to support the National Museum of the US Air Force® in telling the Air Force story. AFA has been the reporting authority on current US Air Force activities as well as the primary advocate for a strong national defense. Together, their partnership will offer its members a more holistic view of the US Air Force – including the past, present, and future of aerospace power.

If you are currently an AFA member and would like become a NEW member of the Friends of the National Museum of the U.S. Air Force at a discounted rate, please do so on the Air Force Museum Foundation website.

If you are currently an AFMF member and would like to join AFA at this discounted rate, JOIN HERE. To receive your $10 discount, enter the code M9 into the promo code box*. 

*NOTE - Excludes E-Membership and Life-Member Dues

This discounted rate only applies to current AFMF members who are joining as a NEW member to AFA.  
Current AFA members cannot renew at the discounted rate.