AFA Dental Plans

20%  off and 3 months FREE
When you visit AFADentalPlans.Com you access a nationwide search engine that enables you to compare discount dental plans by zip code, view sample savings, and find a nearby dentist. When you select a plan, you could save 10% to 60% on procedures such as cleanings, root canals, x-rays and even cosmetic dentistry.

These dental plans have no annual limits and can be used as often as needed. Some can even be coupled with dental insurance to reduce your out-of-pocket costs once your typical cap is reached.

With your AFA Members’ 20% discount, plans will range from:

$63.96 to $111.96 per year for individuals
$103.96 to $159.96 per year for families

Plus, AFA Members get 3 extra months FREE!

There are no paperwork hassles or health restrictions, and most plans can be activated within three business days. So take advantage of this member benefit today and get started saving.

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