AFA Is Proud To Announce Marsh U.S. Consumer as New Insurance Administrator

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As an association committed to supporting the total Air Force family, the Air Force Association (AFA), in conjunction with the AFA Veteran Benefits Association (AFAVBA), has offered important insurance products to AFA and AFAVBA members for 59 years. To continue to provide our members with the insurance products and professional service they deserve, Marsh U.S. Consumer (Marsh), a service of Seabury & Smith, Inc., has been selected as the new Insurance Broker/Administrator for the AFAVBA endorsed Insurance Program effective September 1, 2013. Specifically, Marsh will begin administering the Level Term Life, Decreasing Term Life, Accident, and Dental insurance plans effective September 1, 2013. They will begin administration of the AFAVBA TRICARE Supplement effective October 1, 2013.

The Transition…What You Can Expect

Please be assured that this transition will not interrupt your current insurance coverage. Here are some important notes regarding this transition:

What Will Stay The Same:

  • Your rates and benefits will continue to be administered according to the terms and conditions set forth in the existing group policy (74570-2-G), underwritten by Metropolitan Life Insurance Company (MetLife).
  • If you pay via government allotment, automatic withdrawal (EFT), or by Credit Card, your automatic payments will continue—there is no need to send Marsh your bank or Credit Card information.
  • You can continue to expect the same level of service and expertise that you have come to associate with your AFAVBA insurance services.

What Will Change:

  • Your premiums notices and benefit information will now come from Marsh.
  • If your premiums are automatically charged to your Credit Card, those charges will now occur on the first of the month (two weeks later than usual).
  • Payee information for automatic bank payments must be changed to Marsh.
  • You may see a change in premium or coverage amount if you have moved into a new age bracket, or if a coverage change is scheduled under the existing policy.
  • In early October, you'll find information regarding the insurance plans at Soon, you'll have the additional benefit of being able to make your insurance premium payments online, and download important forms (change of beneficiary forms, claim forms, etc.). Look for notification regarding these on-line capabilities in the near future!

Professional and Personal Service

Marsh U.S. Consumer, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Marsh & McLennan, is the world’s largest insurance broker, which affords them access to a full range of services to meet your unique insurance needs. Throughout this transition, you can continue to call 1-800-291-8480 for any questions you have regarding your coverage. Effective September 1, 2013, this number will simply route to Marsh’s specially trained Customer Service Specialists.

To receive Marsh’s payee information for automatic bank payments, to discuss billing questions, or to learn more about available payment options, please contact a Customer Service Specialist at 1-800-291-8480.

When and Where to Call

Personalized assistance will be available Monday through Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Central Standard Time at 1-800-291-8480.

What Marsh Customer Service Specialists Need To Know

When you call or write to Marsh, please identify yourself as an AFA/AFAVBA insured and reference your new, Marsh, insurance account number. Your account number will be located at the top of your Notice of Premium Due and on the Schedule of Benefits Page you will be receiving shortly after the September 1, 2013 transition.

When contacting Marsh, please also provide your preferred contact information and the most convenient time to contact you.

Write to:     Administrator                   AFA Group Insurance Program
                   P.O. Box 14464
                   Des Moines, IA 50306


On behalf of the Air Force Association and our new partner, Marsh, we look forward to serving your insurance needs!