AFA and Vidyo – a winning partnership!

AFA Members

Today, both enterprise corporations and public-facing organizations are using the power of cloud-based video collaboration to transform how they connect. For example, a July 2016 Government Accountability Office report surrounding Executive Order 13589 cited that an increase in the use of video conferencing saved the Justice Department an estimated $16.3 million in one year.

The Air Force Association is proud to collaborate with our technology partner, Vidyo, to help us reduce travel expenses by hosting more meetings with our Board of Directors, Executive Committees and volunteers  using Vidyo’s technology platforms. We estimate over $80,000 in annual travel expense savings thanks to Vidyo!

By using Vidyo’s cloud service, we’ve been able to easily click-to-conduct board, council and committee meetings remotely across a multitude of variable network connections and an array of personal devices used by its thousands of volunteers.