AFA members are eligible to participate in a variety of group insurance programs. Like our Air Force, our membership is diverse and inclusive of individuals in all walks of life. We want to make sure that you're covered no matter what.

Auto and Home

In return for our members' efforts to support Airmen, the AFA has joined forces with USAA to protect your investments in life. Protect your home, car, and belongings with industry-leading service and coverage designed to fit your budget and your needs. 


As an AFA member, you can smile and rest easy knowing that you're protected against the rising cost of dental care with flexible dental insurance coverage. Take advantage of valuable and affordable dental protection for you and your family. All of our options are competitive, efficient and easy to access. 


With so much to look forward to in the future, we want to make sure that your eyes are covered! As an AFA member, you can access vision insurance that provides the services and products you need to care for your eyes. Through this plan, you'll realize substantial savings and receive the personalized care that you deserve.

Life Insurance

We are Airmen for life. Find flexibility to suit your needs now and in the future. As an AFA member, you can take advantage of various life insurance plans, including 10 Year Level Term LifeDecreasing Term Life, and Term Life Insurance

Accidental Death

Accidents happen when we least expect them. As an AFA member you can have peace of mind that you and your family are protected year-round, and anywhere in the world by taking advantage of the AFA GroupAccidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance Plan. 

Senior Whole Life

Help prepare for the unexpected and reinforce your family's financial safety net with up to $25,000 in benefits. Take advantage of a permanent policy with guaranteed protection for your loved ones that lasts a lifetime. 

Short Term Recovery

While Medicare and TRICARE are comprehensive plans, they simply weren't designed to cover all of your hospital and home recovery care expenses. This member benefit helps take care of expenses during recovery at home or in the hospital that may not be covered by other plans. Benefits are paid in addition to other coverage that you may have.

Long Term Care

Protect your assets against the cost of long term care with customized protection through the variety of individual plans available to AFA members. Members have access to special discounts, multiple carriers, multiple products, wider underwriting, and service for life. 

TRICARE Supplements

Out of pocket medical expenses can add up quickly. That's where supplemental insurance coverage can be helpful to you and your family. AFA Members who are eligible TRICARE recipients are also eligible for competitively priced supplement coverage that goes with you anywhere. 


AFA members can have peace of mind knowing that every member of the family - even those with four legs - is fully secure. With a pet insurance plan, you'll no longer have to worry about cost if your dog or cat has to make an emergency visit to the vet.  

Total Brain

Did you know a resilient brain can help you manage stress better, stay positive and think clearly?  Total Brain provides brain fitness that prepares you for life's challenge.  Total Brain helps you understand and improve your brain performance so you can overcome daily challenges and be more productive throughout the day.